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“It’s a dream come true” says mum Alison our latest Money-Back Challenge winner

When mum Alison invested in a franchise with us, she was shy and lacking in confidence.
Just one year on and she’s metamorphosed into a confident, knowledgeable travel agent and a savvy business woman, too.

It’s fair to say, joining The Travel Franchise has changed her life.

“I actually have to pinch myself sometimes. I just never, ever thought I would have my own business or that it would be so successful. I’ve actually never had so much money, personally. Even before I had the kids, my full-time job didn’t pay out as much as I’m getting now. It’s a dream come true.”

So how did Alison find 467 customers and organise more than 146 holidays over the last year?

And more importantly how did she become our latest Money-Back Challenge winner booking enough holidays to achieve a set amount of commission and get her £14,995 franchise fee refunded?

Says Alison: “When I first signed up, I honestly thought ‘well that’s it, I’ll never see that money again’. I just never thought it would be achievable for someone like me. I honestly can’t believe I’ve done it.”

Alison never dreamed she could achieve the Money-Back Challenge but like dozens and dozens of other normal people, she made the target and got her initial business for free.

Like hundreds of other people, Alison had never worked in the travel industry before and she was understandably anxious when she first joined us and completed our five-day virtual training from home.

“I just did not think I’d ever have the skill set for doing anything like this.”

But when I saw that the training was all online, she thought she’d give it a go.

“In the first hour [of training] I thought, “oh gosh, everybody’s better than me. Perhaps this is not the thing for me after all. But by the end of the week, I realised we’re all in the same boat.”

As soon as training was over, Alison was allocated a personal coach or Business Development Manager (BDM). We provide every franchisee with a BDM and having chalked up years in the travel industry, there’s nothing your BDM doesn’t know about booking holidays.

“My BDM is amazing. All the BDMs know the tricks of the trade. They’ve been in the business for forever, so they know what they’re talking about and they’re great to get advice from.”

Although it’s your business, we ensure you’re never alone. There’s always support and ongoing optional training, plus Facebook and whatsapp groups to enable you to connect with other consultants.

“We’re always reaching out asking if anyone has any recommendations. It’s such a friendly and supportive company.”

And then there are the actual suppliers who are always happy to help. You’ll have hundreds of ABTA and Atol-protected holidays to sell from suppliers who all have different specialities and USPs. You simply have to choose which supplier you think will suit your client and they’ll help you curate the perfect itinerary.

“I’ve found several ‘go-to’ people. I have my go-to if I’m booking Japan; my go-to if it’s a Florida trip and so on. If I haven’t been to a destination myself (and let’s face it, no-one’s been everywhere) then the suppliers are full of information. They’re the experts and they’re worth their weight in gold. I just give them my client’s brief and the supplier will come back to me with a quote that covers everything – hotels, flights, excursions, transfers…everything. I can just present that to my customer.”

In the past year Alison has nailed several really impressive bookings. She’s travelled, albeit virtually, to Canada, New Zealand, Japan and all over the world, sending her customers on dream trips.

But how did she find clients?

We show you numerous ways of finding customers, and being located in the remote Shetland Islands, Alison found good news spreads fast.

“Word just spread so quickly. Everybody knows what I’m doing now and people tend to come to me. I do put offers up on Facebook and Instagram, but it tends to be word of mouth. Only the other day my friend said to me: ‘I was in the hairdressers and I could hear them speaking about you today’. It’s so weird.”

Alison may be busy, but the beauty about being her own boss is that she chooses her own hours.

That means she can juggle life as the local travel agent with being mum to her three girls, aged 14, 11 and six and even take some time for herself.

“It’s a busy old time with the girls, especially as my husband often works away, but I try to work around school hours. This job gives me the flexibility I could only dream of. For instance, it was such a nice day on Friday, I decided to make the time to go to the beach and have a dip. If I’d been working somewhere else, I wouldn’t have been able to do that. I really am very lucky.”

If you want to get your business for free, speak to us about investing in our most popular Elite package. You can find out more in our Discovery videos.

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