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Its not ALL hard work at The Travel Franchise…

At The Travel Franchise we don’t just work hard we party hard as well.
When new Travel Consultants join they are ready for a new challenge in their life. They know they
had etc work hard and get their new business off the ground.

What they don’t expect is the positive, collaborative and fun environment they are going to be doing
this in.

For many it becomes a shock, especially if they have come from a toxic work environment where they
have been unhappy.

At The Travel Franchise we do focus on results,. We want to help you make as much money as you can
as fast as you can, but we want to enjoy life at the same time.

Our initial induction training in Bournemouth is new consultants first taste of this. You get to meet with
Steve and our entire team but you also get to meet all the other new Travel Consultants who are just as
anxious and excited as you.

We have seen some real friendships created by those who attended training together.

The next opportunity is at the Millionaires Retreat. This is a 5 day retreat abroad and as you can imagine
people get to really create close friendships. It helps that we have lots of games we play throughout the
Training sections of the Retreat never end what happens at the bar of an evening.

In November we will be holding our first UK Conference/Christmas Party.

This will give everyone in our business the chance to meet each other, learn all the latest news, enjoy world
class training and then party hard in the evening.

Travel is a wonderful industry to work in.

Booking people’s holidays is a pleasant thing to do every day. Working with a company who have FUN as one
of their core values is a change to the norm and being able to travel at either discounted rates or free is

So come and join us. Create your own dream rather than building someone else’s and make 2016 YOUR year!

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