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It’s your business, but you’ll never be alone. 

Support from the very top

Before you even sign on the bottom line and take up your franchise with us, chances are you’ll get to chat with Paul, one of our co-founders. 

As will soon become apparent, Paul, and fellow co-founder Steve, are passionate about their business. However, this dynamic duo recognises that their success is wholly dependent on your success. 

Hence, you won’t just be chatting to Paul and Steve at the outset of your business, they’ll be there to support you throughout your entire journey with us. At very few other companies of this size, do the co-founders spend as much time at the coalface as Steve and Paul do. 

In fact, for both of them, the personal joy comes when they get together with consultants to celebrate the successes. Their greatest accomplishment comes when they see your business plan come to glorious fruition. 

There’ll be numerous opportunities to get together with them. At our regular conferences, they’ll be there relaying the company news, rewarding you for your progress or there simply to chit chat over drinks. 

They’ll also join you on our overseas mentorship retreats to relay their entrepreneurial experience and instil you with motivation and tips to grow your business. 

Elites get several trips as part of the franchise package which include Elite Experiences (held in a long haul destination such as Mauritius or Jamaica) and Millionaires Retreats (in a short haul resort such as Paphos, Cyprus).

If you sign up to our optional Cruise Mastery Programme, one of our co-founders will also be with you on our Seminar At Sea, a week-long cruise with expert training on how to sell cruise, and possibly even join you for the occasional fam (educational) ski or golf trip.

In time, Steve and Paul will become far more to you than the co-founders of the business, they’ll be mentors and even friends. 

“Right from the start I was really impressed with Paul, who is really genuine and down to earth” Ava.

Relationship with your BDM

Every one of our consultants is allocated a Business Development Manager (BDM). They’re there to guide you and mentor you.

When you first start out, you’ll probably be on the phone to them every day as you become more au fait with the booking system and various suppliers. 

Let’s just say, you’ll soon get to know them fairly well. They’ll give you the confidence you need when you’re feeling nervous; they may challenge and motivate you to take the next step; and they’ll be the first ones to congratulate you as you grow.

It’s not unusual for BDMs to meet some of their agents face-to-face several times a year and sometimes your BDM will be by your side if you become really successful and decide to host a big community event. 

“The support has been phenomenal. I’ve run a business before and it’s quite lonely. It’s not like this here. I have a BDM who is always by my side and all the support of a great community. If more businesses were run this way, there would probably be more successful start-ups out there!” Suzy

New friends 

As homeworkers you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d be working alone – think again. More than 550 people, like you, will be working from home (or anywhere you happen to be). However, rather than be in competition with each other, it tends to be the exact opposite.

Having met at their initial training, our consultants have gone on to become close friends and personal cheerleaders. Throughout the year there’ll be numerous opportunities for you to meet other NJT agents – at our conferences, our retreats, on fam trips and training sessions. 

As well as our dedicated online Facebook forums, many of our agents form Whatsapp groups with agents they’ve met on trips. If you have a question or a dilemma chances are someone in your group will have the solution. They’ll exchange advice and tips and you’ll all learn together. That’s the power of community. 

Training dates are often booked up to 3 months in advance so if you’re interested in securing a place book early, click here.

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