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Join now to book summer late escapes and more… four holiday trends we’re all talking about… 

Reluctant to join thinking you’ve missed the summer holiday booking rush!? Worried there are no more holidays left to book… Think again. Here’s four holiday trends which means consultants are more in demand than ever before.

1. Holiday late market

Over 65 per cent of our bookings right now are for summer 2023 and with people taking more holidays than before the pandemic, there’s plenty more to arrange for customers! Plus as the majority are package holidays – they are quick to plan and book.

2. Early booking market 

We’re noticing a growing trend to book summer 2024 holidays thanks to deals right now that allow customers to place a small deposit and pay by direct debit, spreading the cost of their holiday over a year.

3. Milestone holidays 

Since the pandemic people are wanting to celebrate key moments in their lives abroad with their family and friends. And they prepared to spend big money on the dream trip.

4. Cruising

With 20 new ships launched last year and 19 set to sail this year, cruising really is booming. Join now and you can start selling these high-commission holidays and join our 12-month Cruise Mastery course to become a cruise expert.

Help us book dream holidays this summer for those that have been dragging their feet and summer 2024 trips for those who love to plan ahead. Click to access our discovery presentation.

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