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Jump onboard NOW and join our luxury cruise in September… just like Andrew, one of our newest travel consultants!

One of our newest travel consultants is Andrew Walker – and no-one loves cruising more!

He’s experienced nearly 20 cruises and worked for CLIA (the world’s largest cruise trade industry association) for five years until recently. So he couldn’t wait to sign up when he heard about the launch of our Cruise Mastery programme and the Seminar At Sea.

“Cruising is up there as one as one of my favourite ways of travelling —  I truly believe it’s one of the best ways of seeing the world. I love the product, but while the industry has been challenged recently, it’s back and booming!”

Andrew, like many of our consultants, wants to be part of the upward cruise trend.

“In 2019, 30 million people took a cruise out of 1.5bn global travellers. That means there is huge potential for cruising to grow, particularly with new game changing ships such as NCL’s Prima being launched.

As a business owner and new NJT consultant, I see cruising and NJT’s new Cruise Mastery programme as a huge opportunity.

Booking a cruise can be a daunting process for travellers, but travel consultants can help and support clients have an amazing experience.“

Andrew had previously considered joining on the Lite package, but chose Elite as soon as he heard that this meant he could study to become a Cruise Master AND join the Seminar At Sea on NCL’s new luxury ship, Norwegian Prima.

“NCL’s Prima is a gamechanger ship and I want to experience the product. I have a bit of an edge as I’ve worked in the cruise industry and travelled on many cruise ships. And I’ll be travelling on Royal Caribbean’s Odyssey of the Seas this year which will be amazing.

By cruising on two major new ships that serve the UK market and by joining CLIA, I hope to establish credibility and hit the ground running.”

The Norwegian Prima is an absolutely stunning ship – take a look below at what you could be experiencing on it’s 3rd EVER voyage!

Join this weekend and you could be on the ship with Andrew in September and 200 other Not Just Travel consultants!

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