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Less than 10 days left to get the Money-Back Challenge with your franchise

*Special Announcement*

Our existing unique-to-franchising Money-Back Challenge (where you can earn your startup costs back and get a free business) will only be available until July 23rd.


To find out more about how you can still get the Money-Back Challenge before then as part of your franchise package, watch our video tour and then book a call with us below.

These people all got a free travel business

David Walker

David was our first Elite consultant and beat the Challenge quickly. He’d had a highly successful 22 year career working abroad in HR. But, on returning to the UK, he discovered that path was something he was no longer interested in pursuing.

After much deliberation, he decided he’d love to open his own travel agency.

There were just a few problems.

  • Despite being well travelled, he’d never sold a holiday in his life.
  • He had few contacts in the UK after so long living abroad.

In the video below, you’ll hear exactly how David has partnered with us to create a life-changing travel business.

One that’s now generated over £10m in sales, £1m+ in commissions and – crucially – given him a renewed sense of purpose and passion.

You can catch up with his latest interview below.

Natasha and James Oliphant

This dynamic duo beat their Challenge in just 8 months, despite being part time. 

The couple didn’t wait to start promoting their new business, even though they hadn’t officially started it.

“The moment we signed up for the business after speaking to Paul, we immediately started networking around the pool, as we were actually on holiday in Barbados.

We created a Facebook group and invited everyone we knew to it. It meant we went into training as prepared as we could be.

Training finished at 3pm on the Friday and by 4.30pm on the same day we had our first booking. And it was from a complete stranger!”

Natasha and James at the latest Not Just Travel event

Natasha has a beauty business that also helps find customers.

“The enquiry initially came via my beauty business from a lady who had just booked in an eyebrow wax with me for £10. It was a holiday to the Maldives.

Initially for 2 people, it turned into a group holiday worth over £20,000. What an amazing feeling!”

Suzy Blyth

Suzy beat the Challenge inside her first year of business. She loves the support she got that helped her on the journey.

“The experience since joining has been incredible, the support has been out of this world. It’s been phenomenal, in a word.

I’ve run a business before and it’s quite lonely. It‘s not like that here. You have weekly team meetings and a Partnership Manager who is always by your side.

There’s no boss barking in your ear, but you have all the support of a great community. If more businesses were run this way, there would probably be more successful start-ups out there!”

Ross Murphy

Money-back challenge winner Ross, who joined us in December 2020, shares his advice and insights in this unmissable interview.

He shares why “It’s 100% what you of make it”, whether you do it part-time or full-time and why he was set on joining as a Lite, but then decided to upgrade to the Elite package.

Lindsay and Tom Coulter

Despite joining mid-pandemic (in October 2020), they secured enough future holiday bookings to make their new travel business totally free within 8 months.

When she found out the news, Lindsay said:

“I am unbelievably grateful to the whole NJT team for their support, including my amazing Partnership Managers Ben, Emma & Dave.”

You can find out how they started getting their customers in an interview with co-founder Steve.

You can find lots more people who beat the Challenge over on our Real Stories page, like these:

  • Amy joined with our Elite package with all the extra support and mentorship
  • Maureen, mum of 3, achieved her Money Back Challenge in 2020
  • Ben got his franchise for FREE in his 1st year
  • Jo left the high-pressure corporate world and got her fee back in 2020

Already seen our video tour? Don’t wait to book your call now.

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