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Lindsay & Tom just achieved their Money-Back Challenge in only 9 months…

Find out how Lindsay & Tom Coulter just got their franchise for FREE, despite no previous travel experience.

It’s time to break out the champagne yet again, as Lindsay & Tom have just achieved their Money-Back Challenge!

Despite only joining in October 2020, they’ve already secured enough future holiday bookings to make their new travel business totally free.

When she found out the news, Lindsay said…

I am unbelievably grateful to the whole NJT team for their support, including my amazing Partnership Managers Ben, Emma & Dave.

Lindsay Coulter

You can watch Lindsay & Tom’s latest interview with co-founder Steve below about how they’ve found customers and the types of travel they’ve been booking.

A super-fast success story…

We’ve been following Lindsay & Tom’s story from the beginning; check out their previous interviews below to see how they’ve progressed to Money-Back Challenge Winners.

Find out how they did £100k in sales in their first 8 weeks

And click here to learn why they joined despite having no experience in travel.

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