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Looking to make some serious money this January?


Since joining The Travel Franchise in 2017, Mark and Isobel McCardie have not looked back. They have been so successful that they earned their original franchise fee back thanks to our unique incentive The Money Back Challenge.

It’s all about Peaks!

One of the pivotal moments that helped propel the dynamic duo’s business was ‘Peaks’ which takes place in January when everyone wants to book a holiday.

For our franchisees, Peaks is not just the busiest time of the year, but it’s also the most profitable too. Many of our franchisees have had record sales in the month of January.

An increase of 80% in sales

In their first year of business, Peaks helped generate an increase in sales for the McCardie’s, despite them admitting that they hadn’t really prepared for it. Moving forward into 2019’s ‘Peaks’, Mark and Isobel took a different approach and set themselves specific targets for this period which helped deliver an increase in sales by 80%. With another year of experience, they expect Peaks 2020 to be their best yet.

Why do they think this pivotal booking period is so important? Mark said:

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to springboard your business in so many ways – financially through an increase in bookings”

Mark McCardie

“There are so many reasons, but the main points for me are; It’s a fantastic opportunity to springboard your business in so many ways – financially through an increase in bookings, knowledge of destinations, experience in dealing with customers and becoming a lot quicker in turning an enquiry into conversion (if you don’t someone else will).

He continued:

“It is also the opportunity to get your business out there to friends, family and customers new and existing. You can prime them for the big sale in November & December through calls and social media posts to build the anticipation that they won’t want to miss out!”

From a hammock to home – you can work from anywhere

From the flexibility of being able to work from anywhere to the financial rewards, it is clear that running their own travel business has changed the McCardie’s lives. Mark said:

“It definitely has in so many ways. There is no getting away from it, it is hard work and you need to be prepared for that, but the rewards can be incredible, from travel experiences to being part of an industry that really is unique in its camaraderie and support of each other.

We can work from anywhere – coffee shop, hammock on the beach or home, it’s a very portable business and offers you the ability to have a career that is flexible to the modern demands of life; this was really important for us.”

“Building a business is extremely rewarding”

Mark McCardie

Like all franchisees, the McCardies have leveraged the benefits of the many travel opportunities that life with The Travel Franchise provides. As well, as attending various international events, Mark and Isobel have also travelled to some fantastic places like Peru and Australia which has helped develop their knowledge of these exciting destinations.

When asked what are the key benefits of running their own business, Mark is unequivocal in his response:

“Building a business from scratch is extremely rewarding and the more you build it, the more of an appetite you’ll get to make it bigger and better. Finally, you reap the rewards of your own success. The sky is the limit in terms of what can be achieved, and the journey so far has been incredible!”

Now it’s your turn!

Are you looking to join the McCardies and run your own travel business?

Now is the time to join as we have only a handful of spaces left for new franchisees to complete their training before the end of the year. Join now and you can take advantage of ‘Peaks’ which is one of the most lucrative times of the year in travel.

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