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How Lisa quit her dull job in finance and now enjoys planning holidays for families and those with special needs

We last interviewed Lisa in 2022 and told the story of how she quit working in finance to work in an industry that she loves: travel.

You can read the full story here but why are we interviewing Lisa again? 

Because not only have bookings and repeat clients soared but she’s also keen to spread the word how you can help people as a personal travel agent and establish yourself as an expert in a niche area that really interests you.

For Lisa, her passion lies in holidays for families and anyone with special needs. But if you join, you could specialise in anything you fancy including adventure, ski, golf or cruise – and as a Not Just Travel agent, there are opportunities for us to help train you to become an expert in these fields

Lisa has this year booked around £550k-worth of holidays, up £135,000 from last year and we’re only in October!  

Like most of our consultants, the business grows organically every year through repeat clients and referrals. But while some of our consultants get so busy they employ others, Lisa prefers to go it solo choosing her clients and giving every customer her personal attention .

With a 76 per cent repeat booking rate she’s clearly doing something right!

Lisa is mum to two boys aged 9 and 12, so she has carved out a niche for herself as a family expert. And as her two children have special needs with autism, she’s been helping other families in similar situations.

“Having inclusion and accessibility so that everybody can be able to have a great holiday experience is really important to me. I help families who are scared to travel. Being able to share first-hand experiences of how to get fast tracked through security, or how to have that priority boarding is important. 

“A lot of people can find going on holiday is too daunting but actually there’s a lot of support out there, there’s a lot of places that you can go to, it’s just knowing how to get it all in place, find out who the right suppliers are and who the best airlines are and how to kind of navigate all of that.”

As an agent, you can’t possibly know every destination in the world or about every niche area. That’s why we close relationships with our suppliers and an expert travel team on hand who can help advise if you get stuck with a particular enquiry.

Lisa also enjoys helping people who are less able and recently booked a surprise holiday for her father to celebrate his 70th birthday.

“He hasn’t been away since 2009. He’s in a wheelchair full time and has been for absolutely years, and he’s got a whole load of health conditions as well. But as his dream is to go away for his 70th birthday I’ve used a specialist supplier who knows all about accessibility.”

Lisa has managed to arrange a trip to an accessible hotel in Tenerife with special assistance at the airport, including transport onto the plane via an ambu-lift. 

“I’m really excited about it. From the front it looks like a traditional hotel but it’s all designed with the wheelchair user in mind. So there’s hoists into a hydrotherapy pool and every room is adapted with accessibility in mind. And then the lower level of the hotel is kind of set up a bit like a hospital with medical equipment if needed.”

Lisa also books holidays for families that don’t need any special assistance. But finds she also ‘mothers’ clients who are just too busy to think of things like check-ins and insurance.

“I kind of joke sometimes that I’m a bit like a travel mummy… I’ll make sure clients don’t forget that they need to get travel insurance or they need to get their passport renewed. There’s no extra cost for this and I do it for every level of booking. So whether it’s a small city break or a tailor-made complex tour, I’m available from the moment someone’s inquired and booked with me right until they’re home – that support is around the clock.”

For a mum who was bored with her job in finance, becoming a personal travel consultant is a dream come true. 

“It’s 100% changed my life. I never actually used to like what I did. I just did it. I never realised that you could do something that you love and that it could be a profitable business. I never get the Monday morning blues like when I used to commute into London and had to endure the pushing and shoving to get onto the tube and then just sit at your desk wishing for it to be the weekend.

“It’s exciting booking holidays, talking about people’s holidays, helping people’s dreams become a reality. So to just to be doing that all the time is amazing and making holidays accessible for everybody and being able to juggle the kids with work is incredible. The two jobs just don’t compare at all.”

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