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Making a difference, one holiday at a time

What if, every time you sold a holiday, you did something good for the environment?

With the Climate Hero initiative, that’s what you could be doing.

It lets your customers make a voluntary contribution to their booking. They’ll be supporting vital environmental projects in the UK and around the globe.

And the great news is that it’s included free, with every franchise.

Everything you need to make a difference immediately is included

Our passionate in-house specialists have sourced amazing environmental partners.

Ones that actually make a difference, instead of only talking about it.

Also, you’ll get regular customer marketing material, videos and guides. 

There are plenty of internal online workshops as well. So you’ll be able to understand, contribute to and make the most of the project.

Taken care of too is all the administration. So it’s as simple as a couple of clicks during the booking process.

And, you’ll be able to show how you’re making a difference on your Personal Marketing Website. Regular professional updates including photos and videos for customers are there to share.

This month’s focus is marine forests

The highlight this month was Mossy Earth’s restoration of marine forests in Portugal.

Kelp forests are big seaweeds with long ribbons that grow along coastlines. They’re among the most productive and richest wildlife places on Earth.

Did you know that marine forests along coastlines absorb 600 million tonnes of carbon a year? These marine forests improve water quality, draw down and lock away carbon. And they support all sorts of incredible fish species that inhabit coastal waters.

These forests are difficult to restore once lost. 

The Climate Hero initiative has helped fund amazing new innovation

Using a new technique called ‘green gravel’, kelp can now be grown in a lab and then dropped to the ocean floor by boat. 

The first step for Mossy Earth’s team of talented biologists was to increase the production of green gravel. This new lab system allows them to increase the production of Kelp by 10 times!

“Lost marine forests are no easy task to bring back. Restoration methods usually involve diving, which becomes complex, time-consuming and expensive. Or at least that was the case until the technique, called green gravel came along.”

Thiago, Mossy Earth biologist
Photo credit: João Nuno Franco, kelp researcher

A future-ready business customers want to choose

Without having to lift a finger, your travel business will be future-ready.

And it’ll be immediately more attractive to customers.

Travel Consultant Mark McCardie owns his business with his wife Isobel. Together, they’ve done over £5m in sales. In a clear show of support, over 90% of their customers are choosing to contribute to the Climate Hero initiative.

He says not having to worry about any of the set-up is a massive bonus.

“All the heavy lifting, all that research. Having people with so much expertise makes it so much easier.”

Check out more of what Mark has to say about the initiative in the short video below.

Ready to learn more about starting a sustainable travel business? Watch our presentation to find out all about it.

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