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Making big plans and new friends at the latest Elite coaching day

When you start your own travel business, it really is just the beginning of a greater journey.

Your initial training gets you set-up and ready to start booking people’s holidays. And you’ll immediately have a website, branding and all the marketing you need to get going. Plus, a business development manager by your side every day.

But then it’s up to you how large and fast you want to grow your business.

You may want to start part-time and then become full-time later. Or maybe it’s about jumping in with both feet and going for it from day one.

Both options are available to you however you decide to join.

Our most popular franchise is called the Elite package and – even if you decide to start part-time – you still get the complete mentorship experience that comes included.

You can attend optional Elite business coaching 

Last week we held another of our Elite coaching days, hosted by co-founder Steve Witt and Head of Franchise Development Dave Pope. 

Franchisees gathered for a unique day of coaching, education and business planning at our brand new headquarters, near Bournemouth Airport.

During the day, they were able to take part in interactive presentations, workshops and table-top planning sessions in our fantastic Sky Lounge. Everything was geared towards growing their business and boosting their entrepreneurial mindset. And it’s all included in the franchise as standard.

We were also kindly joined by one of our key trade partners Cosmos for a dedicated learning session. As specialists in touring holidays, they take care of all the details customers want. That includes transportation, hotels, professional Tour Directors and sightseeing with knowledgeable Local Guides.

Franchisees were able to take a deep dive into their products, learning how to find and serve customers who’d be interested in their fantastic holidays.

A chance to meet old friends – and make new ones

Regular events like these (as well as coffee mornings, conferences and luxury international retreats) are where our unique community comes together.

Full of others who love to travel and are on the same journey, it’s amazing to see the friendships that are built.

Franchisees Antoaneta and Lourdes (pictured above) had never properly met, but quickly bonded during the latest event.

Lourdes explained how they are in similar places on their journey.

“It’s great meeting like minded people. We found out that we both have side jobs, but our dream is to become a hundred percent travel consultants sending people on holidays.”

Antoaneta shared why these events are so important for her.

“What I love about these events is that you’re always meeting other travel consultants and sharing your experiences. I learn from other people and see what I need to do to get to the same place.”

Both of them are absolutely passionate about travel – and love the coaching and mentorship they’re getting. 

Lourdes told us:

“The support I’ve got as somebody that loved travel, but wasn’t part of the travel industry, has been amazing. I’ve learned so much since I started my business. I thought I knew about travel. No, I didn’t!”

And Antoaneta said:

“It doesn’t feel like a workday. It’s not quite a holiday – you’re here for training – but there’s so much information that you can get from these events. It’s so good!”

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