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Meet Ben & Toni

We spoke to Ben and Toni about their journey with The Travel Franchise so far and what they like most about being Travel Consultants

Ben and Toni joined The Travel Franchise in August 2015 as a husband and wife team and have been hugely successful since setting up their home travel business in Liverpool.

Franchising wasn’t a completely new venture for the couple, as they both had experience in running their own car hire business. However, starting out in the travel industry was something totally new and exciting for them.

Seeking a better work-life balance

Ben used to be an engineer and Toni worked for the NHS, but they were both looking for an opportunity that could give them the work-life balance that allowed them more time to spend together and as a family; something their current careers just didn’t offer.

The couple were keen to transition into the travel industry so that they themselves would have more opportunity and flexibility to travel. Ben also says, “we like that it’s a proven business model that has been tried and tested”.

The Travel Franchise has hundreds of franchisees, all working as successful Travel Consultants across the UK, and Ben and Toni felt they really stood out compared to other franchise brands they’d researched.

Support and mentorship

After considering their options, Ben and Toni decided to join The Travel Franchise due to the ongoing training and support offered to franchisees. Both attended their first week of training at the Bournemouth Head Office but as Toni said “the training was great, but it doesn’t stop after that initial week. There are ongoing opportunities to develop your skills.” 

They say they’ve experienced sales training, supplier training and regional training days which have helped them massively in securing sales and working towards those five-figure monthly commissions.

Both Ben and Toni say that their Personal Travel Coaches were great at motivating and supporting them, not just when they joined, but throughout their journey with The Travel Franchise. They also say that “Steve and Paul are very hands-on, making the entire business feel like a family, and you always have the opportunity to speak to them directly and seek advice”.

Ben and Toni are now Personal Travel Coaches to their own group of franchisees and they really enjoy helping others get the most out of their business. Ben says, “it’s really rewarding to help other people realise their dreams and grow their own travel business”.

Life at The Travel Franchise

Ben and Toni have a growing family and starting their own home travel business has allowed them to spend quality time with each other and their children, without having to sacrifice a healthy income.

The couple said, “the best thing about joining The Travel Franchise is the work-life balance it’s afforded us.”  They say it does take hard work, but when it’s something you’re passionate about you can really reap the rewards. Their only regret was not joining The Travel Franchise sooner.

Want to find out more about life at The Travel Franchise?

If you think The Travel Franchise could be for you, then you can find out more on our Discovery Site. 

We only have a couple of training spaces left in December which means we won’t be running any more training until the new year. Secure your space now by calling us on 0800 084 8128. Go to Discovery Site

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