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Meet Dean and Simon who booked 29 holidays in their first two months!

If you’re one of those people that put things off and postpone your dreams and ambitions, you might want to follow Dean and Simon’s example.

They trained with us in December and took the brave step of launching their travel business in the run up to Christmas, while also running their existing company.

In the first week of January, the married couple were whizzing up the motorway to attend our annual conference with Simon at the wheel and Dean in the passenger seat busily booking holidays. 

“To be honest, it’s been crazy but we wanted to attend the conference so we could meet everyone, plus we wanted to take advantage of the Peak booking season when many people book their holiday. It means we’ve been forced to pick up the phone to more tour operators right from the get go,” said Simon. 

It’s a decision that has paid off.  

In January alone they made over 20 bookings and, as some were late escapes, they’re already seeing the reward for their hard work. 

When you book a holiday you are paid commission when your clients travel. Since three of those holidays have already taken place, Simon and Dean are already earning an income. 

And three clients were so impressed with their customer service they’ve already returned to book a second holiday with the dynamic duo!

Clearly the key to success is not only finding customers, it’s turning them into repeat bookers but luckily both Dean and Simon are masters in this art having  long run a successful concierge service at airports around the world for VIP clients.

The couple, who met more than 20 years ago as holiday reps in Greece, have a number of big-name film and TV production companies and record labels as customers.

And then one day it dawned on them that organising leisure travel was a missing piece of the puzzle. 

“More and more of our clients were asking us for advice about where to go on holiday, so it really did feel like a natural extension to our core business,” said Dean.

After extensive research, the couple opted for The Travel Franchise, swayed by the support and training that was promised. 

It proved to be the right decision because they soon discovered that leisure travel is a completely different ball game compared to corporate travel. 

“Things are very different on the leisure side. For one, the booking systems are totally different. We were very anxious about making the first few bookings.  But once we’d got 10 under our belts we felt so much more confident.”

That’s precisely why we give every franchisee a business development manager who has years of experience in leisure travel. 

And while the couple are used to dealing with the cast and crew of well-known TV programmes as if they were a military operation, now they are focussed on developing more personal relationships.

While friends and family have been the first obvious source of customers, Dean and Simon are re-establishing old friendships on Facebook and social media. 

“We’re seeing people literally crawling out of the woodwork that we haven’t seen for years – like people we went to school with 30 years ago and haven’t seen since.  Suddenly they’re getting in touch going: ‘I want to go to Mexico, can you help me?’ And I’m like: ‘Of course I can help you. How are you by the way?’ 

And getting in touch with old friends has been easy as we provided our franchisees with a free competition for their customers to win a trip to Mauritius. All agents had to do was ring up potential clients to answer a few questions in order to enter.

“We’ve literally sent this survey out to all our contacts – and this leads to an inquiry without being pushy. If they complete the survey they stand a chance of winning a holiday to Mauritius – so there’s something in it for them too.”

The pair have found that they enjoy many aspects of the job including curating the holidays.

“I love researching destinations that are completely new to us. It really opens your eyes. Only problem is it’s making me want to go to all these places so we’re going to be spending all the money we earn on holidays if we’re not careful!”

But the great thing about this job is that Dean and Simon can continue to earn even when they’re abroad. 

“That was a deciding factor for us. We like our holidays, we like to go away a lot. With this job, as long as you’ve got a laptop and a dongle, then you can work from your sunbeds.” 

The aim is that their new leisure travel business will eventually take over from their corporate business and become the mainstay and with bookings up to 29 in their first eight weeks they’re certainly on their way. 

“We want our Not Just Travel business to become as successful as our corporate one and for them to work alongside each other because then we’ve got a whole suite of services that we can offer across the travel industry..”

After a crazy few months, Simon and Dean are delighted they took the plunge when they did. 

“There was never going to be an ideal time. We’d been thinking about this for years and just kept putting it off. So we just knew we had to throw ourselves in – and we’re so pleased we did.” 

Want to be your own boss, work flexible hours and travel too? Find out more details about joining The Travel Franchise by watching our short Discovery Tour.

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