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Meet mum Hayley who ditched her job in teaching to work from home with her second baby on her lap

Hayley used to be a drama teacher but after her second baby she didn’t want to return to work and started to look at franchises which would enable her to earn money from home.

“I felt like I went back too soon after my first baby and I wanted to be at home more for my second child. The school I was working in was getting quite stressful with all the cutbacks and it was starting to really take its toll. I needed something totally different where I can work from home.” 

Hayley and her husband looked into many different franchises and then stumbled across The Travel Franchise. With a passion for travel, they couldn’t resist.

Based in Yorkshire, Hayley loved the fact that she didn’t have to take a week out of her life to commute to our HQ in Bournemouth but could train virtually for five days with her baby on her lap!

As soon as she finished training in October 2023 she started booking cruise and resort-based holidays all over the world to destinations including Dubai, the Canaries, Orlando, Miami and Cape Verde.

With over 450 travel suppliers and 46 key trade partners, Hayley, like all of our consultants, can plan and sell everything from packages to tailormade holidays as well as cruise, safari and city breaks.

But she says she couldn’t have done it without the support of her Business Development Manager (BDM), Donna. We ensure that every consultant gets a BDM, with decades of experience in travel, to support them as soon as they complete training.

“She’s absolutely amazing. I cannot fault her one tiny bit. She’s brilliant. She’s really, really good, really informative. She always replies back to my WhatsApps which is incredible because I do most of my work when the kids are in bed!”

Hayley says that Donna has helped her in a multitude of different ways, for example when she’s needed a recommendation for a resort and also on tactics for building the business. 

And Hayley will get even more tips, advice and mentoring from when she attends our free Millionaire’s retreat in Fuerteventura next month. We host several retreats every year in a popular tourist destination and many agents find them worth the franchise fee alone!

Hayley is particularly excited as she hasn’t travelled for a while due to having babies. 

“We both loved traveling but since having children holidays have gone on the back burner, so now I’m kind of traveling through everybody else.”

And Hayley really looks forward to starting her job every day.

“I think it’s turned me into a bit of a workaholic. As soon as the babies are asleep, I grab my laptop and start working. I love the job. I love talking to people and getting to know my customers.”

And Hayley also loves the flexibility the job provides.

“I can work when I want. It suits my lifestyle. Five years from now, my husband and I both want to be sitting here in a homebased office. He’s a plasterer by trade and ideally wants something less physically demanding when he gets older.”

While some of our franchisees work alone, others work with a partner, friend or relative. And many start part time, moving to full time once their business grows.

And in the case of Hayley, that’s happening already with referrals and recommendations growing by the day.

“The reason I’m convinced that word of mouth has really worked for me is because I love what I do and my clients see that and add me on Facebook and share it with their friends.”

Would you like to follow in Hayley’s footsteps? Then watch our Discovery videos here, then book a call with Paul.

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