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Meet our latest Business Development Manager, Danielle Dry

Every consultant who joins us is assigned a BDM. They’re a mentor – think of them as your guardian angel. 

At NJT we have the best ratio of BDMs to consultants. And they all have years of experience in travel, which means you don’t have to!

When you first launch your business you’ll probably be in contact with your BDM on a daily basis as you learn the ropes. 

They’re there to give you advice; steer you in the right direction; encourage you and be the first to congratulate you. 

Some of our fantastic BDMs

Don’t for one second think they’ll be your boss – after all, it’s your business.  They’re there simply when you need them. 

Perhaps you can’t decide which of our 450 suppliers is best for an itinerary you’re putting together for a client; maybe you need help navigating the booking system or perhaps you need tips on how to clinch that next deal? 

Further down the line, once you’re well and truly up and running, you’ll possibly turn to your BDM for advice on how to expand your business; how to set up a Partner in Travel agreement or perhaps you even want to open your own small shop? 

Who knows? 

Your BDM knows! 

So, let’s get to know the latest BDM to join the team – Danielle!

What was your previous job before joining The Travel Franchise and Not Just Travel?

I worked for Barrhead Travel as a branch manager and was part of the UK expansion team that opened 12 Barrhead stores in the UK following the collapse of Thomas Cook.

And your jobs prior to that?

I was with Thomas Cook for 16 years. I had lots of roles over the years from customer services manager, branch manager, cluster manager, deputy and acting regional manager, regional induction trainer, talent scout and change agent. 

Prior to that I was with Lunn Poly and Thomson.

Why did you want to become a BDM with NJT?

I’d heard a lot about Not Just Travel in the travel press and on social media and I was curious to find out more about the business. When I saw the BDM role on Linkedin I was immediately drawn to the job specification. I have had a successful career in sales growth, coaching, mentoring and the development of others.

I am passionate about the travel industry and with 25 years’ experience, I cannot wait to share my industry knowledge with the Not Just Travel consultants and help them move their business forward .

What excites you about the role? 

I’m excited to support the consultants on their travel journey, share my experience, passion and motivation I have for the industry – and watch their businesses grow and evolve. 

What are your key priorities in the role?

Imparting my knowledge. Encouraging consultants to train and upskill. Motivating and coaching them to put business plans in place – and then watching it all come together. 

Why did you choose NJT specifically?

It’s an award-winning team. It’s independent and I’m so impressed with the calibre and experience of the people in head office.  

Have you met any travel consultants yet and what do you think?

I have had the pleasure to meet a few consultants in person and over zoom calls. I’m so impressed how some of them still have other jobs and have never worked in the travel industry, yet they’re making a great success out of their travel business and are continuing to learn and grow. 

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of becoming a travel consultant?

Go for it! There is no other industry quite like the travel industry – it’s fun, rewarding and profitable. With NJT you have the best support from the start; amazing training and ongoing support and assistance from the best operational team in the business. 

Watch our 10-minute Discovery video to find out how we can help you get started.

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