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Meet our new Chief Financial Officer – on board to support our rapid growth plans

With a record number of franchisees joining and record holiday sales over the last 12 months business is booming!

Having set our sights on ambitious plans for further growth, it’s vital we invest. But it’s even more vital that we invest wisely. 

Look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves – so the old saying goes. 

This is where our new chief financial officer comes into play. 

Meet Stephen Badger. In this newly created role, Stephen is now in charge of the company’s purse strings. He’s the one who’ll be analysing our every move to make sure it all makes sound financial sense. He’ll be ensuring the checks and balances all add up before giving us the green light – and the money!

Rest assured, we’re in good hands. He’s got a pretty impressive CV having worked in similar roles for major companies like Virgin Media, luxury hotel firm Mr & Mrs Smith; and most recently, Evora Global, a global ESG consultancy and software business.

Just like many of our consultants who take out a franchise, Stephen has never worked in the travel industry before, so we threw him in at ground level. 

His first few days were spent on exactly the same induction training course that all our new franchisees attend when they first join us. 

Afterall, there’s no point sitting in an ivory tower making financial decisions about the company if he doesn’t really know what it’s all about.  

“Joining travel consultants on the training week was very important to me as it helped me understand the business from the members’ point of view,” said Stephen. 

“Spending time on the ‘shop floor’ helps management teams make informed and better decisions, understanding the impacts they are having on staff, suppliers and customers.

“Not Just Travel is a formidable company with incredible potential and I look forward to working with senior management, the board, the staff team and the consultants on taking Not Just Travel to a whole new level.”

So now, with his calculator at the ready, please welcome Stephen to the family (he’s one person we don’t want to get on the wrong side of if you know what we mean!)

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