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Meet The Last Training Group Of 2020

Meet some of the last training group of 2020, who all became certified personal travel consultants. We asked: Why now?

Below are just 3 stories from the last training group…

Meet Ross, aged 30, who lives in Manchester and has worked with many of the ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ cast. Now a personal travel consultant he’s ready to hit the ground running.

What did you do before joining The Travel Franchise?

My professional background is in music and theatre.

After graduating in 2011, I started my musical career with a Cruise company. The job took me to their head office in Miami.

I then lived in New York for 3 years. I worked as a conductor on a couple of shows… Mamma Mia and Evita are the better-known ones.

I also run a music production company with a business partner. We create the music that the audience hears, and this led me to work with some of the stars of Strictly Come Dancing.

What’s your ‘why’… the reason you chose to start a travel business? 

Firstly, travel is on par with my passion for music.

For my music production business, it is understandably very quiet at the moment. This year I was forced to reflect on my skill-set outside of music.

I asked myself: How can I monetize my knowledge and experience? 

When I was living in New York, my partner at the time was a flight attendant for United Airlines.  

This presented a unique opportunity to travel business class everywhere I went, I discovered the airlines ‘points system’ and all the ‘perks’.

I planned my own world trip in 2019, visiting 10 destinations, in which I was lucky enough to travel all in business class.

With the airline’s loyalty programs, points systems, my knowledge of so many destinations, I wanted to share this knowledge with others.

I am very lucky that I’ve never personally had to do a 9-5 job.

I’ve always had the luxury of such freedom with my roles, I never want to lose that. 

Some people might think it’s better to wait until the New Year for a change, why did you decide to join in 2020?

Why would I wait until January? I was only going to sit down and eat chocolate for the next month… I wanted to use this time better than that.

I started looking at this back in the Summer of 2020, I started by Googling ‘how to start a travel business’.

After doing some research it was very clear that the franchise route was the best way to approach this, rather than do it alone.

My father passed away in September of this year, and shortly after my step-father was hospitalised. It felt like 2 months of my life vanished in front of my eyes.

Then I got an email about the BLACK FRIDAY offer. It was 5.30 pm in the afternoon, I had 30 mins left. I quickly booked my call that evening to speak with Paul.

Why before Christmas? The Black Friday bonuses were too good to say no to. I also got the original Money Back Challenge before it ended.

What made you choose the Travel Franchise in the end? 

I looked at other franchises, I didn’t get a decent vibe from the others out there, to be honest. 

Some of them didn’t even have training running. There were extras and add-ons you had to pay for, the ATOL license for instance.

I found there was more value in the packages from The Travel Franchise.

If you’re thinking about your next steps, watch the video tour here…

Meet David, aged 39, who lives near Heathrow. His family has done a collective 227 years of service for British Airways. Now a travel consultant, David is ready to book his friends, family & everyone he knows a holiday.

What did you do before joining The Travel Franchise?

Where do I start…

After College, I worked for a large pub chain and over the years became an area manager. I lived out of a suitcase for 4 years.

I then decided to come back to where I was brought up, near Heathrow airport. Despite being offered a management role at the airport I declined it. I wanted to start from the bottom and work my way up, so I became a security officer. I spent the best part of 14 years at Heathrow airport. 

I was searching online when I came across an ad for The Travel Franchise over a year ago. I continued to receive the weekly emails in my inbox but knew I couldn’t do anything about it at that point.

After announcements of proposed pay cuts at the airport. I decided to take voluntary severance from the company and use this money as an investment in a travel business with The Travel Franchise. 

I left Heathrow on the 30th of November this year.

What’s your ‘why’… the reason you chose to start a travel business? 

For me, I would say my life has been built around travel. I’ve lived within a mile of an airport most of my life.

My family has done collectively 227 years of service for British airways, right back to my grandfather. In fact, he was the chief engineer who signed the first commercial plane out of Heathrow. 

I knew when I left my job at the airport this year, I would continue to work in travel. 

Some people might think it’s better to wait until the New Year for a change, why did you decide to join in 2020?

I knew by joining in December and training now I would be raring to go in 2021.

I wanted to be up and running by 2020 rather than just finding my feet. 

What made you choose the Travel Franchise in the end? 

Back in August this year, I did extensive due diligence online. I went through every Trustpilot review for both The Travel Franchise and Not Just Travel.

From the reviews of current franchisees, it was all about ongoing support and that didn’t seem to be offered by the other franchises I looked at. 

The bit that got me over the line was my conversation with the Co-Founder Paul. He gave me an hour of his time, he settled a few nerves I had and I left feeling excited to get started.

Are you looking for a change? Find out more about the opportunity with our video tour here.

Meet Anthony, aged 48, who lives in Sheffield. After being an electrical engineer for 28 years, he’s turned to travel. Now a certified personal travel consultant, working from home, he won’t miss the commutes to the big city.

What did you do before joining The Travel Franchise?

I’ve been an electrical engineer since I was 20 years old.

Over the last few years, I felt disheartened over what was my chosen career. 

I’ve always been massively passionate about travel, ever since I was a teenager.

On Facebook, I came across The Travel Franchise. After looking into it I shrugged it off. But it continued to pop back up. This continued for the next 5 weeks or so…

I spent a lot of time reading the Trustpilot, Google reviews online, and even what people were saying on the Money Saving Expert forum. I then decided to hunt for negative reviews, and I couldn’t find any…

What’s your ‘why’… the reason you chose to start a travel business? 

I’ve worked away from home all my life. As an electrical engineer, I’m usually in London, Manchester, other big cities.

I feel like I missed out on my children growing up and I wanted to change that. The travel business will give me freedom and flexibility.

Some people might think it’s better to wait until the New Year for a change, why did you decide to join in 2020?

I wanted to be ready and up and running for the New Year.

I didn’t want to get started on the 1st of January, I wanted to be business-ready for it.

I’m set up on Facebook, I’m doing online training videos, in addition to the initial training.

What made you choose the Travel Franchise in the end? 

I had a 45-minute chat with Paul on Thursday, I then took some time to reflect on it. By the Saturday morning, I had made my mind up to join.

I got a really good feeling from The Travel Franchise. I did look at others, it came down to just 2 contenders in the end.

The best way to describe the comparison is with an analogy of buying a new TV…

With The Travel Franchise, it felt like I was going into a supermarket and getting everything I needed in one tidy, easy box.

I wasn’t walking up and down the aisle picking out a TV screen, then getting a sound system that wasn’t compatible, and having to think about the extra remotes I’ll need.

With other franchises, they would provide you with your own professional website, but you’d have to add your own content.

It was really attractive to me knowing that the marketing team maintains the website, adding new content every week, and help me to keep it fresh and up-to-date for my customers.

If you’re considering joining, check-out our Christmas Cracker offer here, which ends 31st December.

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