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Meet us and ask anything at one of our free Discovery events around the UK

We know that making a hefty investment in your new business can be nerve wracking. It’s a lot of money. You undoubtedly have questions and, while our website is brimming with information, sometimes you may just want to sit down with a person, look them in the eye and be reassured. 

If that sounds like you, keep an eye out for one of our UK Discovery events. 

This will be your opportunity to meet our two company co-founders Steve Witt and Paul Harrison. They’ll give you all the ins and outs of the business. They’ll drill down into the various franchise packages you can choose from and, chances are, they may have a few special deals up their sleeves. 

You’ll also get to meet some of our franchisees so you can ask them about their own personal experiences and how well their businesses are going. And you’ll meet a few of our business development managers to learn how they’ll support you every step of the way. Put it this way, you’ll hear it all from the horse’s mouth. 

There’s nothing to lose. We take a small £10 fee upfront, but that’s fully refundable if you attend. Other than the petrol money, the event will cost you nothing. 

But, rest assured, if you do take up a franchise, you’ll be the one making the money – some of our agents are racking in £40k a year working part time and for those working full-time they’re earning £100k plus. 

When you meet Paul and Steve you’ll see how passionate they are about their business and how down to earth they both are. They’ll give it to you straight – they’re an open book – you can ask them anything.  

So book your place on our Discovery event now and we look forward to seeing you there. 

PS: The events only last two hours… but could change your life! Join and you could soon be travelling overseas with your new business!

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