The Millionaire‘s Retreat Live from Majorca: Here’s what you missed…

On Sunday, Co-Founders of The Travel Franchise, Steve Witt and Paul Harrison, went LIVE on Facebook to answer your questions!

This past week saw over 60 of our Travel Consultants head off to the beautiful Spanish island of Majorca for one of our Millionaire’s Retreat programmes. This trip is open to all franchisees and is an opportunity to learn more about developing your business and increasing sales.

Steve and Paul have been running seminars and workshops all week, which teach franchisees how they can find customers, and what techniques they can use to start earning those five-figure monthly commissions.

Don’t just take our word for it…

During the broadcast, they interviewed a number of Travel Consultants to find out more about their journey so far.

Many of our Travel Consultants start out part-time, so they can get a feel for it alongside their full-time jobs. However, as you’ll see in the interviews, almost all of our consultants have ended up leaving employment and going full-time with their very own business.

Each franchisee comes from a completely different background, and they rarely have previous travel experience. But with the help of Steve, Paul and the whole team at The Travel Franchise, we can teach you how to build a successful business which will allow you to work when you want, wherever you want.

Your questions answered…

From how you should go about finding customers, to what suppliers we use and offers we have access to; the Facebook Live broadcast covered a variety of frequently asked questions about what life is like at The Travel Franchise.

We saw so many of you comment and ask us your questions about what it’s like to run your own travel business. Steve and Paul did their best to answer as many as possible, so if you’d like to have some of your questions answered, check out the video below to see what you missed!