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Millionaires Retreat: Our biggest and best yet!

We are so happy with the feedback we have received on our 14th Millionaires Retreat! We brought 82 consultants on an all inclusive trip to Faro in Portugal for a week of sun, sea and the secret to success! Included in every franchise package, the Millionaires Retreat is integral to our mentorship programme as a platform for the next stages of development.

There was so much for our franchisees to learn both in and out of the classroom, and it was our pleasure to host such a successful retreat. If you are curious as to what it means to you to go on one of our retreats, below we have laid out some of the key areas that can benefit your business:

Learning and Development

We had a jam packed schedule of many different training seminars spread out over the week Steve, Paul and a variety of different speakers took to the stage to pass on their knowledge and experience to the room. Some noticeable talks included:

Paul Farquhar, Guest Speaker – Mental preparedness
We were very excited to welcome Paul Farquhar to pass on his knowledge to the group in 3 sessions throughout the week. Paul’s seminars focused on giving people the tools to move forward mentally and overcome their limitations.

Paul Harrison, Co-Founder – 4 Steps to sales success
Paul broke down the key steps to making sales into 4 stages and spent time detailing how each consultant must complete each step. These steps are key in expanding your business, and included a detailed action plan that the consultants could take away and work on over the next 6 weeks.

Catherine Bolado and Jo O’Connell, JellyRock PR – The power of PR
Another invitation we extended was to an experienced local PR company called JellyRock. JellyRock are experts in integrated campaigns and work to ensure communications strategies work seamlessly with key messaging, marketing campaign, website, social media, advertising and other promotional elements.

Steve Witt, Co-Founder – Making your first million
Steve had some amazing talks he hosted each day, and one in particular was how to make your first million with us. This was in very plain terms, and pointing out just how accessible this target is for consultants with Not Just Travel.

These were just a selection of the amazing seminars we had throughout the week.

The Resort

Our hosts for the week were the representatives for Club Med Da Balaia. This resort is based in the Albufeira region of the Algarve in Portugal, and was a fantastic location. The resort had many different amenities for guests to experience during their stay. The food in particular was a huge hit, as well as the evening entertainment we were able to enjoy after a day in the classroom.
One of the benefits of hosting our retreat at a resort is the learning experience available for the consultants. Club Med were eager to provide us with lots of information not only on the resort we were at, but the full range of resorts that we can sell. This provided key information that consultants can use to pass onto prospects about their experience at Club Med.

The Supplier

One often overlooked benefit of the Millionaires Retreat is the relationship we build on your behalf with the suppliers that we book with. We have built up a great relationship with Club Med, and they are eager to work with us in the future on other exciting projects that will benefit all Not Just Travel consultants. This relationship is just one of the many relationships we have built with some of the top holiday suppliers in the UK, and our consultants benefit from each and every one.

Joining us for the next retreat

If you would like to join us for our next retreat, you must first book your free training week at our head office in Bournemouth. After selecting a suitable franchise package and booking a call with Paul, he will arrange a time to talk you through all the final stages of becoming a consultant with us and assist you in selecting the next available training date. After that, you will be ready to start making bookings and prepare yourself to come away at the next available retreat.

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