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Millionaires Success

What an amazing success! We have just returned from our latest Millionaires Retreat. Over 30 people jetted off to Lanzarote for 5 days of learning, personal and business development as well as a great deal of fun.

The Millionaires Retreat is unique to The Travel Franchise and gives our new Travel Consultants and opportunity not only to take their business to a new level, but to really explode their business. During this latest week in the sun we took our Travel Consultants on a journey which showed them:

  • How to increase sales simply by understanding customers better
  • How to create a real WOW factor in your business
  • How to make your first £20,000, £60,000 and £1 million in your business
  • How to turn a 15% increase in activity into 80% increase in profits

Not only this, the Millionaires Retreat also included:

  • 1 new product launch
  • 2 BIG incentive launches
  • 1  increase in supplier commission
  • 3 fantastic announcements about technology and our websites

Of course all this is coupled with the enjoyment and benefits to be gained from meeting up with other like minded Travel Consultants from within The Travel Franchise.

We will be posting more  announcements about these exciting updates very shortly.

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