The Mini Challenge Giveaway: Our biggest incentive yet!

Find out how five of our Travel Consultants are driving away in a brand-new Mini Cooper, and four of them with brand new iPad Pros, courtesy of The Travel Franchise!

At The Travel Franchise, we work hard to support our Travel Consultants and keep them motivated, which is why we offer regular incentives to help them meet their goals and targets.

Over the past few months we have been running a sales incentive with the chance to win a Mini Cooper worth £17,000. Those who hit their agreed target get to drive off in their very own Mini which is theirs to keep for three months! With another simple target set, they’ll be able to work towards keeping it for another three months after, too.

This is one of the biggest incentives we have offered at The Travel Franchise and is certainly one that makes us stand out from the crowd. The incentive has been a huge success, seeing us give away not just one, but FIVE Minis!

The challenge saw nine winners in total; five accepting a Mini and four opting for our other prize which was an iPad Pro to keep.  We are so proud of each and every Travel Consultant that worked towards the Mini Challenge, and very excited to be rewarding those who hit their target with such amazing prizes!

We invited our lucky winners down to our headquarters for an afternoon of celebrations and handing over of the keys, and we couldn’t have asked for a better day for it. The sun was shining, the Minis were gleaming, and we had nine very happy Travel Consultants!

After welcoming our Travel Consultants in Bournemouth for refreshments and an update from Steve, we then enjoyed lunch, and everyone had the opportunity to meet the Head Office team and have a chat about their success with us.

Make your dream a reality!

Most of the Travel Consultants who won our Mini Challenge have only been with us a very short time, which just goes to show how much the training and support we provide really does work.

Each and every one of them has attended one of our Millionaire’s Retreats or the Elite Experience trips which has given them the focus and determination they needed to win this challenge.

Many of them have also completed their Money Back Challenge, which means they saw their franchisee fee returned to them in FULL.

All of these incentives are unique to The Travel Franchise, and open to all of our Travel Consultants at Pro, Elite and Supreme level. So if you’ve been considering starting a business in travel, there’s never been a better time to join The Travel Franchise, and you too could be enjoying some amazing incentives and prizes!