100% Money Back Challenge

Normally when you purchase a business or franchise then you do not see that money again, it’s an investment.

However, that is not the case with The Travel Franchise and our Money Back Challenge.


Paul got his money back in just 5 months!

Put simply, if you sell x amount of travel in your first twelve months of operation we will give you your entire investment back* minus the VAT of course.

Many of our Travel Consultants have completed this challenge and as I am sure you can imagine are delighted not just to have made a ton of commission but received their franchise fee back in their bank.

And just because we give you twelve months to achieve the target doesn’t mean you need to take twelve months. Norma and Paul hold the record for our Pro & Elite positions having completed their challenge in just 5 months.

Lisa Fitzgerald Money Back

Lisa got her money back although she only runs her business part time.

hannah-alexander money back

Hannah completed her challenge on the 1st of Jan, what a start to the year!

Full details can be found in our Education Centre in our Discovery Site.

* Full refund applies to Pro & Elite position. £15K refund applies to Supreme Position.

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