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More Money Back Challenge Winners with The Travel Franchise

A massive congratulations to Andy and Nicki who are the latest couple to be announced as the winners of our Money Back Challenge.

Every new franchisee at The Travel Franchise has the opportunity to get their franchise fee returned in FULL within 1 year, simply by achieving a target.

That target is very achievable, as Andy and Nicki discovered this week. They even had plenty of time to spare as they hadn’t completed a full year with The Travel Franchise yet.

Part-time success with The Travel Franchise

Andy and Nicki have achieved the Money Back Challenge despite working just part-time within their business. Both of them, until recently have had very busy full-time jobs. Andy owns his own estate agency and letting business, and Nicki has until Christmas been working full-time within the NHS.

How did they get their money back?

Great question. The simple answer is, they followed the instructions we teach during training, and you don’t need that make customers. But here are just some of the simple things that Andy and Nicki did to find customers:

  • Talk to everyone they know and tell them about their business
  • Attended networking events
  • Talked to the people they worked with
  • Attended women’s networking groups
  • Talked about their business on Facebook
  • Made sure everyone locally knew about their business

Remember that although Andy and Nicki are now receiving 100% of their franchise fee back, they have also made money every single month since they have been in the business. The money back is in addition to their normal income.

No experience required

Both Andy and Nicki love to travel, but that’s where their knowledge stopped. Neither has worked in travel before, but they got excited and that became infectious. Before they knew it they had their very own successful travel business.

What’s Next for Andy and Nicki?

The first plan is to use some of their money they have received back to go on a cruise, a special cruise as it’s on the new NCL cruise ship, something they have always wanted to do.

Then, they will be growing their business even more. Nicki is now full time in the business and who knows, maybe Andy will be soon as well ?

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