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Mum of two, Philippa, beat her retail manager salary by launching herself into travel

Previously an area manager for the supermarket Aldi, Philippa, 34, loved managing multiple stores but found the long, rigid 8am-6pm hours taking their toll.

“When I had my first baby, I started to think I needed to find a different job so that I could be around for her, the family, the school runs and things like kids’ parties.”

Philippa loved researching holidays and travelling so her mother-in-law, who also works in the travel industry, suggested she could make a living out of being a home-based travel agent.

After some research and discussion with her partner, Philippa made the decision to join us and work part time in travel. And despite a slow start due to the pandemic and the arrival of another baby, Philippa hasn’t looked back.

“I had no idea you could do what I do and earn an income that is just as much as what I was earning before!”

And not only is Philippa happy with her income, she’s also saving on childcare.

“I’m saving hundreds of pounds a month not having to send my youngest into nursery full time, which is what we were doing in my old job.

“I have three days a week childcare for my smallest one, Sadie, while Chloe, my eldest daughter, is in school and then I have the flexibility to do things in the evening and weekends.”

Philippa says she doesn’t find working odd hours a hardship as she’d prefer time off during the day to spend time with the family. And she loves what she does.

“Not once in this job have I sat down in front of my laptop and thought: ‘Oh, I’ve got to go to work or I’ve got to do this’. It doesn’t feel like work. I love doing what I do. I love meeting clients. I love speaking to my couples and building honeymoons for them. I don’t for one second ever feel like I’m working.”

And Philippa is also getting to travel with her new job!

As part of our Elite franchise packages, agents are invited overseas to popular tourist destinations not only to explore it for themselves but also to train with some of our travel experts in order to learn how to boost holiday bookings and commission. These trips are all included in the franchise fee. 

In fact, it was while away in Mauritius on one of our Elite Experiences that helped Philippa make her decision to ditch her managerial role and pursue travel full time.

“The Elite Experience in Mauritius was a real turning point in my travel career. It opened my eyes to the fact that this is a business that I could do full time and that I loved. I knew I had to quite my current job. So that’s exactly what I did and I haven’t looked back.”

Since going full time Philippa’s business has skyrocketed. 

“I had a target that I needed to hit in order to continue the lifestyle that we were living. So I went from working on the business five to 10 hours a week to working on it three days a week. The sales spoke for themselves. In the first three or four months, I was almost doubling my old salary.”

This year she says she’s on track to almost quadruple the business that she did last year.

One reason is that Philippa now has several Partners in Travel (PIT). When you join as an Elite you are given three PIT packages, but you can opt to buy more. It’s essentially the ability to partner with a person, business or charity and they get a percentage of the commission when they refer leads to you. Your partners’ commission is automated so you don’t have to do anything other than arrange holiday bookings for them.

Philippa met her first Partner in Travel when she was on a family holiday and got chatting to a businessman who had kids that played with hers. They swapped business cards and a few weeks later he contacted her to book his next holiday. Then he contacted Philippa asking if he could arrange travel for the retreats he organised.

“As he’s a businessman I invited him on board to be a Partner in Travel as he’s then going to have the incentive of the commission.”

Philippa says she hadn’t factored in that all of the people he takes on retreats also want personal holidays. So it’s been a domino effect. 

Philippa has just signed a new Partner in Travel. 

“There is a small beauty salon in my village and I go there for treatments. I booked the owner’s wedding. She has got some great clients, plus her partner is in a job whereby he has access to people who have got very high incomes. After a short conversation, they signed up to be my next Partners.”

And while Philippa works hard, she also enjoys the perks of the job: travel.

She is going to Crete on a family holiday and Tunisia later in the year… for free!

“I was at an easyJet party last summer and I was lucky enough to win a holiday to Tunisia. So we’re going to Tunisia in October, courtesy of Hilton Hotels. Yet another perk and another reason why this is definitely the industry to be in!”

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