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Natalie joined in January and booked 10 holidays in her first two weeks… all in her spare time!

Natalie has worked in recruitment for 10 years but as she’s always had a passion for travel she decided to join us and book holidays for people in her spare time.

“I know it’s cliche, but the reason that I wanted to get into this was because I love to travel and I’m the person that always books friends and family days out, meals or concerts.”

Natalie completed our five-day virtual training on 12th January. Two weeks later she had 10 bookings under her belt – simply by planning holidays in the evenings and weekends!

“I finish work at 5pm, cook tea and do what I need to do, but then in the evening I will be on my laptop or iPad, and the same goes for the weekend as well but I make sure that I’ve got the balance right. So on Sunday I went to the gym, saw a friend and then all afternoon I worked on quotes and spoke to customers, but I love that. Honestly, it doesn’t feel like work to me.”

Natalie says her friends and family have all commented on how happy she’s been since investing in one of our franchise packages, all of which are available to people without any experience in travel.

“I’ve always had a good job and a stable career and I’ve been lucky in that respect. But my skills are within recruitment and HR, so to be given this opportunity in travel, something that I’ve always been interested in, is amazing. I’m just so grateful for this opportunity.”

98 per cent of our franchisees are new to travel (we’re known as the number one franchise for people new to the industry for good reason) and Natalie says that our training and support have been integral to her success so far.

Anyone who joins us is trained by our team of Business Development Managers (BDM) who have decades of experience in travel. 

“I couldn’t have done what I’ve done without that training. There are bits of it that stick in my mind to this day that help me when I’m doing bookings.” 

After training, each franchisee is given a BDM to call or WhatsApp if they need help or mentoring.

“My business development manager Donna is an absolute angel. I would not have been able to do so many bookings without her. I am WhatsApping her at 11pm at night and I’m like can you help me with this, can you help me with that and she’s coming back to me and I am probably a pain but she is so patient, she is so down to earth, she’s got so much knowledge. I actually think that is what sets this business apart is the business development managers. Honestly, I can see the absolute need and they are worth their weight in gold.”  

She encourages others to change careers and follow their passion no matter what industry they work in currently.

“Regardless of what you’ve done before, it could be sales, it could be recruitment, it could be hospitality, you know, it could be anything; as long as you can speak to people and build relationships, you utilise your business development manager, you are organised, you can succeed.”

Natalie also appreciates the support our marketing department provides. 

“Without the social media help and support and collateral that you get – like you literally get ready-made social media posts – I wouldn’t have been as successful. I don’t rely on social media for bookings, you do need to speak to people, but it helps an awful lot.”

Like most of our consultants Natalie began by spreading the work amongst friends, family and acquaintances and by posting on social media that she could now book ABTA-bonded holidays using over 450 travel suppliers and 46 key trade partners. 

“The hardest thing, and I suppose this is the same for any consultant, is actually getting the customers. But I think once you have built that relationship with your customer and you have spoken to them and you have understood their requirements they see the value in you.”

Now Natalie has decided she’d like to do this full time and is looking to attend networking events, wedding fairs, connect with local businesses and travel even more!

“I have found myself jumping out of bed, waking up before my alarm. It brings me joy. 

“I didn’t actually know how passionate I was going to be until I started to do it. So yes, this is going to be something that I do full-time. This is not a quick short-term scheme that I’m doing, this is for the long term.”

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