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You never have to feel alone with Not Just Travel

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Someone's always looking out for you

At any time you’ll always have people you can turn to for help & support or even just a friendly chat or meet-up. Many of our consultants have become firm friends and regularly meet with each other informally to discuss tips, tricks and tactics.

Our private Facebook groups are always lively

Once you finish training, you immediately get access to our groups such as the ‘Grow Your Business’ community. This is where you can ask questions or celebrate wins together as peers.

Click or tap the below images to see just some of the comments in one thread in the group.

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Come away with us on optional NJT Dream Trips

We offer tons of mentorship and development programs in luxury locations. But it’s not all work-work-work! We also have regular trips away together that are just for fun and relaxation.

We also recently went on a huge charity trek to ‘The Lost City’.

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You can also join our ski trips and golf societies

We love getting together to go and do our favourite activities.

We take an optional annual ski trip together every year. In the past we’ve explored three parts of BC: Sun Peaks, Vancouver and Whistler, regarded as one of the best skiing and snowboarding destinations in the world.

For any budding golfers who join us we now have our own Golf Society. Our aim is to hold at least one golf trip abroad each year, with other golf days throughout the year.

Our first trip was to Lisbon where we stayed for 4 nights enjoying 3 rounds of golf. There was plenty of food and drink and even had a golf professional with us showing us where we were going wrong!



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