The Travel Franchise Announces NLP Training Programme

We are excited to announce a very special training programme we have put together, designed to help you increase sales.

Featuring top Entrepreneur and NLP Practitioner, Paul Farquhar who works with, and has been trained by some of the worlds top NLP and business coaches.

Exclusively for our Elite Travel Consultants, Paul will teach how to use NLP techniques to dramatically increase sales and also build better relationships with clients.

Paul will share how he has used these techniques and many more to help build and sell his very own businesses and how this can help you.

This series of online coaching sessions have been put together exclusively for our Elite TC’s and will be launched in June, and will be available to anyone joined The Travel Franchise today.

Who is Paul Farquhar?

Paul Farquhar has a entrepreneurs history that many would be envious of. Paul was an early adopter of the internet and created many online success stories.

Having also built and sold a number of more traditional and very successful businesses, Paul now spends much of his time practicing NLP.

What is NLP and why is it so important?

NLP is a skill which helps you understand people and how to better interact with them. This can be both verbally, physically and emotionally.  NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming to give it its full name is the study of excellent communication with both others and yourself.

NLP helps you better understand how to use your mind and your communication.

Want to know more about NLP and why it can help? Click Here

Exclusively Elite

This very special NLP coaching programme is only available for Elite Travel Consultants within The Travel Franchise. Those who have already joined us as Elite TC’s, will, of course, be given full access to this programme at no extra cost.