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Now recording… Not Just Travel is live every week!

Every week our Head Office team record a live video to publish out to all of our franchisees in the field. This video is a crucial way of keeping our consultants updated with important news and updates both within the company and industry as a whole.

These updates include announcements from each department, as well as any comments from Steve and Paul they may wish to share each week. It’s such a fantastic way of maintaining an open communication line and our consultants are hugely grateful for the opportunity to tune in and connect both with the corporate team and each other.

Behind the scenes at our Head Office studio!

Some of the more common sections include:

News – Important news in the industry. This may include flight issues, hotel closures, updated visa requirements, industry offers and much more. News is important for consultants to be aware of so they can react to developments that may affect existing or new bookings they have

Operations – Updates from our support team. Our operations team are there to process bookings and communicate with consultants regarding any issues with bookings they have made. Having a platform to propose important announcements means consultants are kept up to date with any changes

Marketing – Exciting new marketing initiatives. Our Marketing team work tirelessly to create new graphics for offers we have as well as new systems and strategies for attracting new customers. This is also an opportunity to announce some of the great new events we have planned for our consultants throughout the year

Sales – Sales tips and updates. Our sales team work with consultants to provide new sales tips and advice for ways to promote new deals. They also love to give shout outs and congratulations to consultants who have hit important milestones (we have an ever growing “millionaires club” – consultants who have hit over £1million in sales!)

Not Just Travel is leading the industry in it’s current growth. With this we are investing more and more back into the company and our franchisees to ensure this success is shared across the business. We have many exciting new developments we will be announcing over the next couple of months, and will continue to support and assist our consultants using the latest technology available to us.

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