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Once you pay and join, do we train you?

I believe that the reason we are dominating the UK franchise sector in travel right now is because we don’t just ‘sell” you a franchise but we are looking for a “business partner”.

We are looking for coachable, driven people who can follow a proven system.

In our franchise packages you can see all the benefits you get such as your own personal travel coach, our Millionaires Retreat etc – all designed to help in your support, knowledge and development.

The picture shown was taken in London on 6/1/18. This was a one day training we held with over 90 of our Travel Consultants.

This is not the type of stuff we share in the discovery site neither is it listed in our packages, but I want you to know we do all kinds of extra stuff like this to help and support everyone in our business. These events happen both online and offline throughout the year.

Another reason to join our award winning franchise.

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