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Ongoing Support Year After Year

It’s common knowledge that new starters who join us receive the best support in the industry. Despite the 5-star rated training, the business mentors and virtual trade events, we know a successful partnership isn’t just about the first year in business.

In this article we wanted to shed some light on what the support and mentorship looks like 2, 5 or even 10 years down the line.

Are you curious to know?

  • What the support looks like for those who’ve already created a successful business
  • What happens next for the travel consultants who’ve already built a loyal customer base
  • What the mentorship looks like years down the line if you do decide to join this year

… then continue reading below.

Our first-ever Platinum Day is going to be held on the 20th of August, and then every couple of months thereafter. 

A physical event will be held in a well-located hotel. An exciting update for the experienced and established franchisees who will be attending, as virtual events have become the norm in the past 18 months.

What is a Platinum Day?

It’s an opportunity for our most successful and established franchisees to take their business to the next level. 

Our platinum franchisees have done a great job to get their business to where it is now, but what’s next? 

In the event the franchisees will discover the answers to the below:

  • How do they grow, expand and find new opportunities? 
  • How do they increase their profits? What is possible? 
  • What areas should they be focusing on to get to the next level?

All this and more will be included at these special events which are designed to focus on training and skills for Travel Consultants/business owners who are all at a similar point in their business. 

There will be both familiar faces such as Co-founders Steve and Paul and some special guests joining the physical event.

Meet just some of the platinum travel consultants below…

Janet is a Platinum franchisee, who is also a Money Back Challenge winner and has been in the business since 2019. She’s seen huge success since joining.

After being made redundant from her marketing role for a large pharmaceutical company, Janet joined the Not Just Travel family after she decided that it was her time to fly. It was time to be her own boss.

Illesh is a platinum franchisee, he also achieved the Money Back Challenge, and has been in business since 2017. Illesh has enjoyed huge success from business networking over the years.

Illesh owned a number of restaurants before joining Not Just Travel. He still owns one restaurant which he runs part-time with his wife, alongside his travel business.

David is a platinum franchisee, a Money Back Challenge winner, he has been in the business since 2014

David started his business from scratch in 2014 after a high-flying career in HR, which saw him travel the world. David had lived out in the Middle East for 18 years before he joined. He was ready for a new challenge.

The McCardie’s (husband and wife) are also platinum franchisees, who have both been in the business since 2017

These two have been in the travel industry for several years in a marketing capacity. Well-travelled and having both lived and worked abroad in Australia, the USA, and Thailand, their passion for travelling continues today.

Raine, a mum of 4, is also a platinum franchisee. She has been a travel consultant since 2018

Raine often shares in interviews that running her own business has changed her life for the better. It’s given her more confidence, purpose and reward.

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