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Partners in Travel: An exclusive way of generating incredible commissions

Partners in Travel: An exclusive way of generating incredible commissions

In section 5 of our Education Centre we teach you how you will get customers when you are a consultant with us. This is a key part of growing your business, and one we offer significant support for.

One of the main benefits of franchising with us is our exclusive “Partners in Travel” programme. This is an amazing way that our consultants can benefit from passive income, and is a huge selling point for people interested in joining.

Quite simply, Partners in Travel gives you the opportunity to build a relationship with a group that will generate leads on your behalf. These groups can be social clubs, schools, charities, companies or any other entity that would like to partner with you. They receive their own website, and can promote internally to members interested in booking their next holiday.

This partnership creates a mutual benefit that has the ability to generate unlimited income. By sharing a small portion of the commission with your respective partner, you have benefited from a new booking and they have benefited from receiving a cut of the commission!

Earlier this year, Lloydie (one of our consultants) signed up a partner with Partners in Travel. Since partnering in mid January 2019, in just 3 months he received 36 bookings through this partnership. This generated over £80,000 of sales for him and Not Just Travel!

The Partners in Travel programme is your way of fishing with a net instead of a rod. By building and maintaining a relationship with other organisations you can benefit from them promoting your business and providing you with bookings you would never have had access to on your own.

For more information on the Partners in Travel programme, you can view the short video below. Partners in Travel is a fantastic opportunity that is available to all consultants who join us, and many of our consultants have already benefited from this amazing initiative.

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