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Get more customers with Partners In Travel

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Partners In Travel is an amazing way to find customers

Very simply put, Partners In Travel is our exclusive referral programme. It enables others to make money or save money by simply referring a traveller to you as a Not Just Travel consultant. 

A Partner can be anyone who has a group of people or network they know that go away on holiday… which is pretty much everyone!

Examples of Partners include: Local & national businesses, schools, charities, sports clubs, brownies groups, places of worship and more.

Once they are signed up, your Partner then promotes you to the people they know. The idea is that, instead of you having to spend lots of time and effort finding customers 1:1, you can build the relationship with a few Partners, who introduce & market you to their whole network. 

The make money side is where the Partner earns a share of the commission from the sale of the holiday in return for finding you the customer. The commission amount varies, depending on the type of Partner package they have signed up for.

The save money option is where a company signs up and then all their staff can get a discount on their own personal bookings.

This effectively creates a perk/staff benefit for their team members.

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The easy way to get in front of thousands of people!

Watch this short video from co-founder Paul where he explains how Partners In Travel works.

See all the ways we’ll teach & help you find customers in Part 5 of the video tour.
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Each partner could create thousands in revenue

One of our consultants signed a local hairdresser as a Partner In Travel. In just 6 months they recommended 93 customer bookings, creating a commission for the travel consultant of over £20,000!

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Partners can have their own referral website

When you sign a new Partner up, they get allocated to you and get their own branded website to share (depending on the package they choose).

Whenever one of their referred customers makes an enquiry, it gets passed to you as their official travel agent.

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Your franchise can include partner packages

If you join as an Elite Consultant you get multiple Partner packages included. This means you can either a) waive a Partner sign-up fee and get someone with huge referral potential to join with no hassle. Or b) sign up those partners as normal and get the whole fee yourself. 

When you start your application we can run through all the Partners In Travel options in more detail.



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