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People Buy People

At The Travel Franchise we are huge believers in the concept that people buy people.
So with this said please take some time out to “check out” one of our Directors, Paul Harrison who you have no doubt been talking with as you discover about our business.

Paul worked for Barclays Bank for over 10 years before he finally decided he couldn’t be employed like this anymore. Finally his entrepreneurial spirit shone through.

He joined a “mini franchise” type opportunity whilst still working at the bank and replaced his income after 6 months at which time he handed in his notice and his life changed forever.

Fast forward a few years and Paul has made a 5 figure monthly income for the last 8 years making over £1,000,000.00 in personal income.

He achieved this by helping others succeed. Which is what he does at The Travel Franchise.

But with Paul its not all about money.

He believes in having a work/life balance.

“What’s the point in having loads of money if you work 80 hours a week and have stress levels on the brink of a heart attack”

Paul believe’s in making money to make life comfortable but also in enjoying life, being with your family and enjoying the fruits of your labour. This is why Paul is still home based up in Liverpool and refuses to “go to work” in fact if you ask him he believes he does not work. He loves what he does so would do it anyway.

Paul’s rags to riches story is inspirational in that he has no formal education, still speaks with his “scouse” accent and spends most days in his shorts and trainers, but he is proof of what you can achieve with a strong, determined mindset, never give up attitude and open mind.

Check out his website at www.paulharrison.com


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