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You'll get your own Business Development Manager

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A Business Development Manager (BDM) is there to help every day

Imagine having a travel guardian angel. That’s what a Partnership Manager is.

Your Business Development Manager is there to help whenever you need them. You get introduced to them as you finish your training and then become part of their team.

They’ll be there to help you with any questions you might have, as well as providing tips, tricks and motivation (if you need it).

If you’ve never worked in travel before then this resource is almost priceless in your first few months as a self employed travel consultant.

"My BDM was always with me"

My Business Development Manager was always planning with me even though I wasn’t actively working on the business yet.

I was fully supported by the NJT team.


Sarah, Travel Consultant

"Helped with my first booking"

My first ever holiday booking as a certified travel agent was made about one week after I completed the initial training. I needed help with the quote and my Business Development Manager helped me all the way through it.


Deepkamal Dhillon, Travel Consultant

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No-one else invests so much in your success

There are lots of ways you can become a travel consultant. But what makes us unique is the amount of ongoing support you get.

Anyone could sell you the ‘vehicle’ – but we teach you how to drive.

You can call your Partnership Manager any time you like; we cover the cost and they’re available to help as many times a day as you need them.

You’ll also hear from other travel experts in the weekly webinars.

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Your BDM is not your boss

Don’t worry that someone will be calling you to check that you’re working. 

A Business Development Manager is there to help, not to pester. 

Think of them as a constant resource who is there for you, but doesn’t control you or the way you want to run your business.

You can find out about all the training and mentorship in part four of the video tour.



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