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Plan holidays and earn money… from anywhere in the world, including from a caravan travelling around Europe. Just like Pam.

Pam had long harboured a desire to work in travel, but like so many of us, children and mortgage payments stood in the way of her following her dreams.

Putting her true ambitions to one side, Pam found herself stuck, yet climbing through the ranks of a food manufacturing and distribution company until reaching management level.

The years passed and, as the children grew older and the mortgage payments less demanding, her dreams of working in travel were reignited. 

In 2015, while away with her husband exploring the mighty Grand Canyon in America, she decided that it was time to switch careers.

“I spent years working before realising that life was passing me by and I really needed to do something I loved.”

“So when I got back from holiday, I started researching. I knew I wanted to be self-employed. So I did some research and found Not Just Travel and thought ‘Yep, that’s the one I’m going to go with’.”

Pam launched her business in 2016 and like many of our home-based consultants immediately felt like she had a better work/life balance 

“It’s the whole work-life thing. Just being able to do what I want to do when I want to do it. So if I need to pop out, take the dog for a walk or have a coffee with friends – I can. It’s about having my life back, as opposed to being tied to the treadmill that I was on.”

But don’t think for one second it’s all play and no work. Pam has had to put in the hours to establish her clientele. 

With 98% of our franchisees being new to travel it was a massive learning curve but like every new job she soon progressed. Beyond the five days of initial training, you’ll be appointed your own Business Development Manager to guide and assist you while you learn the ropes And there’s always ongoing training to improve your knowledge and skills.

Today, Pam has a healthy number of followers on social media and is a key member of her local BNI (Business Network International). 

In fact, 60% of her business comes from BNI members and referrals. And with ongoing training provided by Not Just Travel and our Key Trade Partners, Pam is always learning. 

“I try to do as much training as possible. And I tap into the support that’s always on offer.” 

The result of all her hard work is a business that sees around 10% growth each year.

Plus she’s at last doing something she loves. 

“The thing I absolutely love is making people’s dreams come true.”

“I know it sounds a bit cliché, but I love finding something that people aren’t able to find or put together themselves. That’s what I absolutely love about my job.”

While much of her business is selling family holidays, Pam really enjoys planning holidays to North America.

“I love Canada and America and really enjoy creating tailormade road trips there.”

And now, Pam is planning a road trip of her very own.

While many of us dream of travelling the world once we retire, for Pam, there’s no need to wait for retirement. As she can plan holidays from anywhere in the world and with her husband just 18 months away from retirement, the couple are planning to double up and run the business together while they do what they love most: travelling. 

They’ve already got their office sorted: a spacious caravan, which they intend to take around the UK and Europe exploring the sights and selling holidays as they go.

If you want to follow in the footsteps of Pam and follow your dreams to travel while still earning money, then watch our Discovery tour.

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