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Please do NOT contact our franchisees direct.

Due to the massive popularity we are experiencing as a company right now we literally have thousands of people on our prospect database who are at some point in their due-diligence process.

If each person “looking” was to contact our Travel Consultants direct (which is happening a lot lately) then our Travel Consultants would literally spend all day on the phones with prospects and never get chance to build their own business.

So we kindly ask you to refrain from contacting our franchisee’s direct until you are at the very end of your due-diligence process and ready to make your decision. At this point you can speak with the Travel Consultant that will be your mentor in our business along with any others.

We operate in a very transparent way and are happy for you to speak with anyone associated with us when it is appropriate.

Anyone who does not follow this policy will not be allowed to join, regardless of the outcome of their conversations.

We do this in respect of our existing Travel Consultants (of which you could potentially be) who have invested to build their own business and future.

It is not their responsibility to field prospecting calls, especially to people who are “just looking around”.

We hope this policy makes sense and re-iterate that you can speak with whoever you want to when the time is right. Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

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