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Proof you don’t need a travel background to join us and earn great money doing something you love part time or full time

When we say you don’t have to have any experience of working in the travel industry to be able to join us – that’s exactly what we mean.

98 per cent of our franchisees have never worked in travel before which means we have people joining us from all backgrounds.

As the number one travel franchise for people new to the industry, we make training and support one of our key priorities.

All you need to bring with you is a passion for travel and a desire to offer a first-class service to your clients. Everything else can be learnt and you can keep your existing job until your business grows.

Our new franchisees come from all walks of life, each bringing their own transferrable skills and life experiences with them.

Here are just some of the former careers and backgrounds held by just a handful of our successful travel consultants:


This former banker took out a loan to finance her travel agency – and then won our unique Money-Back Challenge where we refund your franchise fee if you make a certain amount of commission in your first 12 months! The business was so successful she soon ditched her banking job to become a full-time travel consultant and loves it.
Read Lynette’s story here.

Fashion buyer

Having spent years focusing on tailor-made fashion, Sejal began to tire of the stressful corporate world. She decided she needed flexibility to choose her own hours and to be her own boss doing something she loves. She now focuses on tailor making holidays for her clients. 


It’s fair to say, that working in finance didn’t really float Lisa’s boat. Now, she’s booking cruises and holidays around the world for her clients.

Running her own travel company is a far cry from her old working life: “I never get the Monday morning blues like when I used to commute into London and had to endure the pushing and shoving to get onto the tube and then just sit at your desk wishing for it to be the weekend.”

Read Lisa’s story here

Hospitality manager

Having spent 20 years working in the hospitality industry, Suzy has impeccable customer service skills. She now channels those skills into serving up holidays for her clients.

“It’s a big move changing from one sector to another, so you need to make sure you’re joining a company that cares about you.” 

Read Suzy’s story here.

Insurance broker 

From commuting on a stuffy train to London each day, this former suited and booted insurance broker now takes a short stroll from his home around the corner to his own office wearing his own branded t-shirt! He has also taken on a member of staff to help him cope with demand giving him even more flexibility. Read Chris’ story here

IT specialist

In her own words Sally says: 

“I couldn’t think of anything more boring than to stay in IT”. 

But when her 25-year contract with a Norwegian marine paint company was coming to an end, in the midst of the pandemic, Sally wasn’t ready to retire. The solution: she launched her own travel agency.  Read Sally’s story here.

Military serviceman

Having worked in the Air Force for over 12 years as a helicopter crewman – training alongside none other than Prince William – Chris is no stranger to travel. Today he sends his clients on less intrepid adventures. Read Chris’ story here.


Meet Hayley, Gina and Julie-Anne (pictured above from left to right) who decided they had spent enough time standing at the front of the classroom teaching children.
So are they less stressed, do they earn more money and get to travel more? You bet. Read their stories here… Hayley, Gina and Julie-Anne

Police officers

Racheal and Colman had, between them, 50 years experience of working for West Yorkshire Police. Now, rather than sending people to prison, detective sergeant Colman and his wife send people on holiday. This indomitable couple are a law among themselves, proving to be among our most successful, award-winning agents.
Read the Colman’s story here

Dave and Tracy have proved to be a ‘force’ to be reckoned with. Still holding down full-time jobs as police officers, this husband and wife team book holidays when they’re not ‘down the nick’. They’ve even smashed our Money-Back Challenge. 

Retail manager

Philippa shut up shop on her career as an area manager for the supermarket Aldi to be able to focus all her attention on her new travel business and be there for her kids. She’s never regretted her decision.
Read Philippa’s story here

Medical courier

Once upon a time Lloydie used to navigate the busy streets delivering medicines. Today he navigates the world taking numerous trips abroad and choosing his own hours and holidays! In 2023 he booked £1.5 million-worth of holidays. A spoonful of that certainly helps the medicine go down!
Read Lloydie’s story here.

Our Mums

Never for one second, underestimate the power of motherhood. These two former stay-at-home, full-time mums, are just two examples of mothers who have completely reinvented themselves.

Meet Helen, who spent 21 years raising her children;

and Alison who, now her youngest is in school, is an entrepreneur working around the kids’ timetables. 


For Ross, a musician and musical director who has played across the world and overseen musical productions in the likes of Dubai, Singapore and beyond, his career took on a new high when he launched a luxury travel agency. He soon fell into a new rhythm with his business being crowned New Luxury Travel Designer within just three years of launch. Read Ross’ story here.


Having ditched her job as a paediatric nurse in 2019, Rachel soon found herself nursing her own new-found business through the pandemic when flights – and her clients – were grounded. Today she’s the owner of an award-winning travel agency having earned herself the nickname “the travel fairy” within the weddings and honeymoons sector and gaining a reputation for offering sustainable holiday advice.
Read Rachel’s story here.

Personal trainer

This mum of four (with children all aged under six!) used to be a full-time fitness instructor before kick-starting her travel agency into shape. 

“Eventually you see that you build a base of loyal clients who will come back and book and refer others.”

Read Sinead’s story here

Swimming instructor

When Covid meant she could no longer keep her swimming school afloat, Kirsty launched her travel business with us. But what’s more, she made such a success of it, she smashed our Money-Back Challenge getting her franchise fee refunded. Talk about making a splash!
Read Kirsty’s story here


After 20 years of selling frozen food, John was ready to cool off from his career. Retirement was looming. Rather than jack it all in completely, John launched his travel business with us – giving him the work/life balance he craved.  

Nick and Paula are also planning for retirement. Nick, formerly in the Royal Army Medical Corps and currently in medical sales, and Paula, who has worked in procurement roles for 25 years, are building up their new travel business alongside their current careers and then plan to retire – but keeping their travel business ticking over, enabling them to do what they love, to travel the world more and still earn an income. That’s what you call a pension plan!


Straight out of university, Eliiott joined us at just 23 years old. So it’s fair to say, you can join us even before your career has kicked off! Although this undergraduate started out by working on his travel business as a sideline to his full-time job in event management, he became far too busy and jacked in that job to do travel full time!
Read Elliott’s story here

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