Quick Start Guide to Success Owning a Travel Business

Getting Started

We get asked a lot, when is the best time to get started in a new business? The answer we always give is “NOW“.

Every day that goes by is a day when you could have found another customer. It’s also another day stuck in a job you don’t like, a day when you’ve used more of your savings or a day when you could have been changing your future.

The travel industry is busy all year around. However, there are a number of times in particular which are very busy and we would recommend being ready for.

July and August – busy with last minute bookings
September – busy with everyone who doesn’t want to travel with children

Full Training and Support Provided

The most important thing when you get started in your new travel business is training. At The Travel Franchise, we have created a training and support programme which means you do not need to have worked in travel before.

We teach you how to get started, how to find customers, how to sell and how to ensure customers keep coming back. The most important two factors you need to bring are:

  1. A passion for travel
  2. A desire to give a remarkable level of customer service

At The Travel Franchise, we also provide you with a ‘Personal Travel Coach’ (100% unique to us) and head office support 7 days a week. This means you are never alone in this business and we help give you a head start in business.

If you join The Travel Franchise, one limiting factor will be attending training. Due to limited spaces in training, our training courses get booked up in advance, meaning you will have to wait for available spaces. Here is a quick indication as to availability. Remember that this is not live and spaces fill fast.

May – FULL
June – FULL
July – Very Limited
August – Very Limited
September – Available

Year One in Your Travel Business

There are five key ways we recommend finding customers which work incredibly well.

Our business is designed so that you do NOT need lots of customers, just a few which keep coming back. You can make good money from each customer if you provide them a great service.  Here is how we recommend finding customers in your first year.

  1. Friends, family and everyone you know
  2. Business Networking Events such as BNI or 4Networking
  3. Wedding Events (perfect for honeymoons, overseas weddings and holidays)
  4. Social Media (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc)
  5. Partners in Travel (unqiue to The Travel Franchise)

For more information about how to find customers click here

It’s that simple. You can already probably think of a handful of people you know who go on holiday every year. That’s how you get started. It starts with finding one customer and then repeating. A simple recipe for success.

Years Two – Three in Your Travel Business

Imagine in year one you found one hundred new customers. Assuming you do a great job for them, they liked your service, you offered a good price and they go on holiday again, are they going to come back to you again to book their next holiday?


In years two, three and beyond, if you keep building on the success of year one, your business will grow and grow. Although we are not suggesting 100% of customers will come back every year, the logic is simple.

Do a remarkable job for a customer and they come back time and time again. It’s much easier to keep a customer than it is to find a new one. But if you keep finding new ones and keep your existing customers your business will grow and grow and grow.

The Future of Your Travel Business

Your business becomes a willable, sellable asset which means the more customers you find for your business, the more successful it becomes, the bigger the asset you have built. You can then choose to continue making money from your business, or if you would like, you could even sell it and retire.

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The average customer goes on 2.6 trips per year!

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