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Rachel’s Big Booking and Promising Partnerships

After a customer’s family trip to Australia was cancelled due to the pandemic earlier this year. Rachel managed to save their holiday. The family of 5 will be jetting off on a luxurious trip to the Maldives for Christmas, with a private beachfront villa.

The family of 5 was due to spend their holiday this summer in Australia, as the father was speaking at a conference. This all changed following the pandemic.

The family also had a ski trip to Austria planned and booked through Rachel Tredwell their Personal Travel Consultant. But after deciding to postpone it, Rachel got an enquiry from them about the Maldives.

An impressive £31,000 booking has brought smiles all round.

Not Just Travel Franchisee
Rachel Tredwell, Personal Travel Consultant and mum of four.

After the cancellation of the trip to Australia, I managed to get a refund for the family, but it was particularly tricky to get.

The holiday supplier I booked the trip with wanted to give a credit note and wasn’t planning to give a refund until the end of January 2021. That is a long wait for a customer, considering they were supposed to travel in July 2020.

Sheer grit, determination, and the fact that I wouldn’t take no for answer meant that I got a refund from the supplier and for my customer.

Getting this family the refund for the trip to Australia played a key part in keeping them as a loyal customer.

How did you feel after first, the cancellation and refund, to then, a £31,000 booking? 

It was such a boost to see this big booking come through in October. After quite a few months of cancellations and refunds, it was well-received.

I am proud that I’ve been able to keep this customer happy, despite the odds. Keeping them on board, and still choosing to book holidays with me is a great feeling.

They were very pleased with the trip I have planned for them to the Maldives. I have got to know them this past year and know what they like, and what they don’t like.

I had in fact got another quote which was more of a resort-style holiday. I shared it with the customer but advised that a private, beachfront villa might be more up their street. They agreed.

It’s this personalised, hand-holding service that customers love. That extra value we can give by sorting it all out for them, coupled with expert advice, knowledge, and a good relationship with key suppliers. Not to mention the travel protection we can offer.

How was lockdown for you? 

It’s been stressful quite honestly and difficult at times.

It didn’t help that we had a flood in the house just before lockdown, a pipe was then damaged because of it. Due to lockdown, there was no one to mend the pipe or to sort the rats which came, which was all very unsettling.

But we are now past that difficult period, and I can see the light.

What does the future look like?

I feel very positive about the future. I just signed a partnership contract with AmaWaterways, who are a River Cruising Company, and Chapel Down Wines, who are Wine Producers.

I approached Chapel Down Wines this year, asking them whether they would be interested in getting involved with both the River Cruise Company and myself, as the Personal Travel Consultant.

They were delighted by the idea and partnership.

Chapel Down Wines was then invited by AmaWaterways to host a week-long cruise down the River Danube in Hungary, with 2 wine lectures, a special hosted dinner, pairing food and wine, a sip, and sail cocktail hour.

AmaWaterways have never had an English wine producer on board before, they typically had American Wine Producers, but were too keen to break out. So, this was a great opportunity to present them with and a win-win for everyone involved.

We are now ready to go to market. They will both help me with the marketing and promote it to their 15,000 strong customers and shareholders.

The launch is due to take place in November 2021, I’m starting to take bookings for it.

Oxford United in the community came on board about a month ago as well, so they are also now a Partner In Travel for me. Another positive partnership formed this year.

I’m so excited, as it will open new doors and new opportunities.

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