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Reaching 1 Million In Sales: 4 Women Who Haven’t Looked Back Since Starting

Caroline, Janet, Lynne and Gilly have all flown past 1 million in travel sales!

An incredible achievement and milestone which they’ve all worked hard to reach. And all 4 of them took the same first step to get here…

By joining The Travel Franchise to start their travel business they have pursued their passion for all things travel and now earn from planning dream holidays.

Discover their stories below and find out what they put their success down to.

1. Caroline Kohn, Travel Consultant

“I was swimming around the 800k mark for a while as bookings were delayed before I reached this milestone.

However, I always stayed positive. During the past year my social media posts have never once slowed down, I continued to be front of mind and upbeat.

I’m also a part of a great initiative, the Climate Hero project at Not Just Travel in which holiday bookings help to restore and protect the planet.

It all comes down to delivering great customer service. I get a lot of recommendations and referrals because of it. I also do a lot of business networking which works really well for me.”

Caroline Kohn, Travel Consultant
Caroline Kohn

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2. Janet Lacey, Travel Consultant

“It’s actually 1.3 million now 🙂 One of the biggest things my customer’s feedback to me is how my passion for travel always shines through.

It’s also been great to be a part of the Climate Hero initiative at Not Just Travel. My customers love it when I offer this with each and every booking. It’s great to be able to share with your customers the rewilding project updates. It’s not just another tree planting initiative, it’s so much more.

Giving the personalised service and building the perfect trip based on my customers needs really sets me apart. Once someone has a good experience with you, you’ll see the referrals fly in from everyone they know.

Throughout COVID I remained networking and posting, my main channels are Linkedin and Facebook. All this time invested, laying the foundations is all coming back to me now.

In fact, last month was my best ever for sales since joining.”

Janet Lacey
Janet lacey

3. Lynne Friery, Travel Consultant

“Many of our customers come from friends, family and personal recommendations.

I’ve seen such great reviews from customers saying how they’ll never book with anyone else now as they’ve appreciated our help and time.

More so now than ever, as I help them with not just the booking but giving advice on travel restrictions, testing requirements etc.

I have remained available throughout the last 18 months for any questions and concerns from customers, helping with reschedules and refunds. They’ve appreciated this support and it builds trust.

I always take the time to chat with my customers, it’s not just a formal transaction.

I love building relationships with my customers. They recognise the time and effort I put into helping them every step of the way.

Lynne and Scott Friery

4. Gilly Bachelor, Travel Consultant

“I’m now at 1.3 million and my average booking value is just under £7,000 for this year.

Why is my business flying you ask? Firstly, I have always been proactive throughout, I wasn’t always selling holidays but I was always there to give advice and help people who needed it.

Building a strong presence in my local community has been a key part of my strategy this year. I have a beautiful at-home office which people come and visit.

There were points during the past year in which I helped people who had booked online. They came to me with questions and concerns about travel. I said I was happy to help as long as they left me a Facebook review. This has led to many referrals.

It’s worth saying that I walk away from more business than I take on because I know who my customer is and who my customer isn’t.

Gilly Bachelor

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