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Read Paul & Emily’s story below…

Paul & Emily posted this story on our internal Facebook community page this week:


⭐️⭐️ STORY TIME ⭐️⭐️

Mr Harrison has asked me to share my reflection of our first year of trading and what is in store for the future!

Well how do I even start!! What a whirlwind the past 15 months have been for both Emily and myself. I have sold my other successful business, Emily has left her job as a midwife and we have got engaged!

The business has more than surpassed my expectations in this time but it has been solely down to exactly what you need to be successful….HARD WORK! The compound effect of this is unbelievable to see into the future.

We both now work this business full time and regularly work 12 hour days including weekends. Of course as we are working from home (or abroad) there is flexibility in this for us.

We now no longer have anyone telling us where to be and when and if we can or can’t have time off. Honestly if there is one thing I say to everyone is strive for that complete feeling of FREEDOM! It is life changing!

I have agreed to share some numbers just so you can see what is possible in a short period of time.

Ok so the first number I have to share is this month’s commission statement that came through today as I was literally in TOTAL SHOCK when I read it which did literally take my breathe away!

This month on our commission statement it stated that our total commission is £18230.44!! This is more than Emily used to earn in 12 months as a midwife!

In our first 6 months of business our turnover was £329,526.55 which I was really happy with but I was still looking at my commission statement thinking when is the money going to come back to me, when are we going to start earning this big money??

Of course January then came and we turned over £160,884.04 which was by far the biggest month we had ever had and the momentum then kicked in. Never let that momentum drop as you will be amazed at what happens over the coming months……

February – £83,471.97
March – £49,972.00
April – £76,663.22

This is now a key time, this is when Emily left work and I sold my other business and we started to work together and business just takes off!

May – £140,965.01
June – £162,032.39
July – £264,311.27
August – £202,889.04
September – £157,438.00 (We were away for 2 weeks!)

Here we now stand in the middle of October having turned over £1,328,517.74 so far in 2018.

The scary part is seeing the forward commissions….we have almost £70,000 in forward commissions already in place!

So if you are having any doubts about this business or if this industry works please stop and sit down, take a deep breath and say right now it’s my time!!

I wanted to thank everyone at NJT for their support, my team leaders Ian & Susan for being there when I need them and also to my best buddy Neil for being my rock on a daily basis outside of Emily of course haha!

Both Emily and myself came into this business with absolutely no travel experience, all we had was a desire to succeed and work ethic that matched this.

“Aim for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land in the stars”

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