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Record breaking cruise sales boosts agents’ commission

It’s been another record breaking month for our agents! 

In September, our consultants made more cruise bookings than in any other month of the company’s entire history. 

In fact, compared to September 2022 the number of bookings quadrupled with over 80% of our agents engaged in selling cruises. 

So what on earth’s going on?

Firstly, since we launched our Cruise Division last year, we have invested hundreds of thousands of pounds in training and educating our agents on how to sell a cruise. 

The cruise market can be a complicated business. Not only are there thousands of cruise ships out there, but once on board, there’s an endless array of cabin styles and countless itineraries. Let’s just say it can be a minefield. In the past many agents would shy away from cruising – it was just too challenging. Not any more. 

The launch of the dedicated Cruise Division enabled us to launch an optional 12-month Cruise Mastery Programme giving agents the chance to learn all the ‘ins and outs’ of the cruise market. 

As well as learning online via webinars, they’ve also been able to tour ships while in port and experience a Seminar at Sea, essentially a cruise with expert training.

This month we’re taking over 100 of them on a cruise on MSC’s new cruise ship, Euribia (read the blog here).

And now, thanks to the launch of our bespoke, unique agent website (notjustcruise.co.uk), the whole booking process has been simplified allowing our agents to filter through the minefield and compare thousands of cruises and itineraries online.  

Our cruise team has also worked really hard to establish great relationships with Key Trade Cruise Partners. In other words, a number of cruise lines are working really closely with us to help train and educate our agents – often giving them the heads up when new deals are launched; offering Not Just Travel agents exclusive rates; and inviting agents on fun fam trips.

Cruising with Not Just Travel has become a breeze and our agents just can’t get enough of it. So why have we done this? 

In a word: money! It’s common knowledge in the travel industry that a cruise booking can result in the highest level of commission. 

What’s more, cruise passengers often book their next cruise before they’ve even disembarked their last one which means great repeat business! 

The result is that many of our top-selling cruise agents are making more commission than ever before – and gaining more repeat clients.

To help them boost bookings further we’ve launched an elite club or Circle of Excellence which provides further training and access to days out with our key trade cruise partners. 

So if you’re keen on cruising and would like to know more, why not attend one of our Discovery events and chat to co-founder Paul Harrison about the opportunity?

He’s in Southampton this month (12th October 2023) and you can meet him face-to-face from 7pm-9pm before he steps on board to host the next company cruise onboard MSC’s Euribia. Get a ticket now.

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