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Redundant nanny loves her new travel consultancy so much she booked 11 holidays while on a cruise

After being made redundant for the second time as a nanny, Nikki wasn’t sure what she wanted to do moving forward. 

As she was passionate about travel she put a post on Facebook asking people for advice on how she could get her foot in the door.

One of our travel consultants saw it and suggested Nikki worked for her to dip her toe in the water without any risk.

“I am a sunworshipper and I love going on and researching them. As soon as I started training I knew I’d made the right decision,” says Nikki.

Six months later Nikki invested in her own franchise and she hasn’t looked back.

“I love it, I don’t feel like it’s work, I enjoy every aspect and I get the same buzz now as I did when I made my first booking! Last night I had a lovely text message from two clients who just returned from Thailand and wanted to thank me. It made my day.”

Nikki loves her job so much she’s more than happy to take her laptop on holiday with her. And in January, while on a week’s cruise from Dubai, she booked 11 holidays!

And yet Nikki says it didn’t interrupt her holiday one bit! In fact she says it made it as the money she made paid for the holiday!

“I can never sleep in, so I got up at 6.30am, sat on the balcony, booked some holidays then had a lovely day out with my husband. In the late afternoon, we’d return to rest and he did a few work calls, we both caught up on anything urgent, then we went out again.”

And this wasn’t a one off! The weekend before her Dubai trip, she booked two holidays while on a Warner holiday UK break.

“I was sitting there doing the bookings on my laptop and a few people asked what I was up to. I gave out eight business cards and got four inquiries!

Now Nikki has a huge number of repeat bookings and referrals.

And that won’t, of course, stop her travelling.

“Last year I took about 10-11 holidays travelling to Cape Verde, Las Vegas, Cyprus, Greece, Majorca, Portugal and Benidorm and this year I plan to visit Dubai, Majorca, Portugal, Croatia, Benidorm, Tenerife, Cape Verde and Las Vegas (for the 15th time).

So what does she put her success down to?

Nikki says she tells her husband she has to go on holidays in order to test them so she can sell them!

But she’s clearly got a knack for getting to know what a customer wants and she’s also befriended many other consultants who all help each other on a daily basis if their stuck.

So has it changed her life?

“One hundred per cent! I’m earning more now than I earned nannying and I’m getting to see the world too!

“Nannying was often lonely whereas with this job, even though I’m working from home I am always speaking to somebody, plus learning so much more. I’m a lot happier and I don’t even feel like it is work plus I get a buzz and boost in confidence when I make a booking.”

Would you like to follow in Nikki’s footsteps? Then watch our Discovery videos here, then book a call with Paul.

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