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Retire at 60, be your own boss, travel the world and sell £100k worth of cruise in one month! Just like John…

You’re a few years from 60; you’re tired of working full time; you want to travel the world, yet you still need to earn money. Sound familiar? So, what do you do? 

Invest in a travel franchise, work the hours you choose, be your own boss and go on ‘work trips’ exploring different destinations and cruises.

Just like John. 

For 20 years John sold frozen food door-to-door and managed a depot. But, when he was 55, sitting in bed unable to sleep at 4am, he realised it was time for a change. 

“I wanted a new challenge and one morning when I couldn’t sleep due to a bad back I was scrolling the internet and an advert for The Travel Franchise popped up.” 

Born in Canada and having lived on the east coast of America, John has always enjoyed travelling. As he no longer wanted to work full time, the flexibility and the opportunity to travel appealed to him.

“After doing some due diligence into competitors, I decided I liked the support The Travel Franchise offered and signed up.”

That was five years ago. Today, John has established a solid group of clients, ranging from family and friends to those sourced via his local Business Network International (BNI) group. 

He’s also a member of our Cruise Mastery Programme and, as part of the training and mentoring programme, was onboard our recent Seminar at Sea which enables our agents to enjoy a free fun-filled cruise on us!  

“You can sell places that you hear about on webinars but it’s so much easier to get passionate once you’ve done it yourself. The cruise programme is incredibly useful and has helped me book even more cruises.”

So much so that in one weekend in July, John booked a £35k Silversea cruise for clients sailing from Chile to Antarctica and, with a few add ons, the final figure was around £50k! That’s not a bad day’s work! The sale helped him book over £100k-worth of cruise in July.

To further his cruise knowledge, John has also attended the CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) convention held in Vienna last March and has just returned from a Star Clippers cruise around Italy. Experiencing his first tall ship cruise on one of the company’s incredible yachts blew him away.

“You think you know what to expect on every cruise but the reality is usually much different. I can’t tell you the feeling when the sails were raised on Star Clippers’ ship – it was quite emotional!”

The ‘hard work’ is clearly paying for itself: John’s bookings will be 20 per cent up this year compared to 2022 but he admits he only works somewhere between part time and full time because he wants to enjoy a great work/life balance. 

And he’s not just happy with the growth of his agency – he’s also enjoying the advantages following recent investment into the company as a whole. 

“In the last 12 months it’s impressive the way Not Just Travel has expanded the team. It helps individual travel consultants to grow as well. There are more Business Development Managers, which means they get to know us better and that helps our sales.”

So does it beat selling frozen food? 

“Travelling for work gives me the opportunity to see the world but I also get pleasure sending others to enjoy the same thing.” 

Do you want to make the change too? Then watch our Discovery video for more information – it only takes 10 minutes of your time.

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