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Ross’s £17,000 Holiday Booking Just 9 Days After Completing Training

After joining with the Elite package, Ross completed his online training week at the end of December. Just 9 days later he was securing a £17,000 booking to the Maldives.

Ross, Personal Travel Consultant

How did it feel for your first booking as a Certified Travel Consultant to be such a big one?

It felt like a big responsibility, a bit terrifying, I wanted to get it right.

So, I reached out to my personal travel coach Ben as soon as the enquiry came in.

Everyone gets a personal travel coach when they join the franchise.

Whether it’s your 1st or 10th booking they are here to help long after the initial training week is over.

You’ve got all these notes and information from the training week which is excellent, but when you come to do your first actual booking it’s priceless to have your coach by your side.

My travel coach guided me through which holiday suppliers I could go to based on the brief the customer had provided.

He also helped me to complete the booking, to navigate through the order in which I should do certain things.

If you’ve watched our video tour and would like to hear more about the personal travel coach you’ll get when you join, book your call here.

Can you tell us a bit about the £17,000 holiday booking?

 The brief was a bit of a blank canvas.

The family wanted to visit the Maldives, to stay in a 5-star resort, all-inclusive, flying business class or 1st class.

The booking included the speed-boat transfer to the resort.

I booked them the Coco residence, overwater villa, the highest-tier room you can get.

The first quote came in at £13,000. The customer then came back with a few suggestions on reducing the layover for the outbound flight and I suggested a number of optional upgrades.

Within 24 hours the booking went from £13,000 to £17,000. 

You can read more about Ross’s story here.

How did you find such a great customer, are they a friend of yours?

Not a friend, no. I’ve never met them before.

They live about 20 miles away from me, that’s just a coincidence.

We connected through social media. I ran a Facebook Ad towards the end of 2020 and they found me through that.

You could be making holiday bookings like this within 9 days of completing our online training. If you’re ready to take the next step, watch our complete video tour HERE.

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