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Rugby World Cup 2019 – A fantastic opportunity for franchisees!

We are very excited to see that last weekend the England Rugby team beat the All Blacks in an exciting semi-final at the Rugby World Cup in Japan! The tournament has been running for just over a month, and has seen fans from all over the world travel to Japan to explore the beautiful country and support their teams.

As with any international event, there are fantastic opportunities for our franchisees to arrange complicated itineraries for prospective customers. These customers may not have the time or local knowledge to organise a trip that includes event tickets as well as the logistics surrounding it, and can benefit from the experience that the team at The Travel Franchise have access to.

Our suppliers are also working hard to build packages that can be sold through our Travel Consultants, giving the holidaymakers even more choice. This is another example of where access to the best and most varied travel deals comes through booking with a Travel Consultant, often also beating high street holiday brands that can only sell the packages they have available.

During the semi-final, one of our Consultants used the energy of England’s performance to market an exciting offer to Japan to catch the final this weekend. Nikki (Travel Consultant Pro) was at her local pub with her husband and some friends enjoying the game when ideas for the final came up. “I planted the seed that we had suppliers who can help” she explained to us. “I kept saying “I can see you there next week!””. At half time she got straight on the phone to a few of our trade-only suppliers. “We managed to find business class flights with 1 stop and the supplier was able to hold them until 4pm. Within half an hour they had agreed, and I was able to pop home to complete the booking. I then returned to the pub, gave the clients the good news and was able to celebrate an England win, a close to £10,000 holiday booking and two friends excited for their impromptu trip!”

This is just one of the many examples of the ways we can respond to real events happening throughout the year. There is always an opportunity to take advantage of all of the amazing things happening around the world, and with The Travel Franchise we teach you exactly how to seize the opportunity and make someone’s dream a reality.

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