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Sabina makes a splash on TikTok at our Seminar at Sea

Homeworking travel agent Sabina made quite a splash at our recent Seminar at Sea onboard Virgin Voyages’ Valiant Lady.

Within only a few minutes of the cruise’s Sail Away celebrations – a party to celebrate the cruise ship setting sail from Barcelona’s port – Sabina had dived into the ship’s swimming pool several times – fully clothed. 

Little did she know a bystander, known on TikTok as @NataliaSalazar896, had filmed it all, then promptly edited it into a video along with music from The Little Mermaid.

Virgin Voyages #fyp | TikTok

It wasn’t long before it had over 289k views on TikTok and over 3600k comments, such as:

“This brings me joy” 

“Why are they all fully dressed you gonna get a rash”

“You literally cannot convince me all these people are real”

“Why are they all in full business attire at the swimming pool” 

“They’re just living in the moment” and “I could watch her do this all day”.

“I just wanted to dive in from all sides,” says Sabina who was the first to dive in when the party kicked off at 6pm 18th June from Barcelona and was soon joined by many others. 

But it wasn’t until Saturday 24th June that Sabina was told by another consultant that she had gone viral on the social media platform.

“I’m never going to act my age. 60 is the new 40. On the first night of this amazing cruise, I was having so much dancing that I needed a cool down. Some people were paddling, but I thought, I’m going all in. I was just having a good time, I never expected it to go viral.”

Sabina, who invested in her own travel business with us when she was 55 couldn’t have enjoyed herself more on our Seminar at Sea which included expert training on cruise, social media and marketing to help skyrocket agents’ travel businesses.

“The Travel Franchise and Virgin Voyages created the perfect training event. This is a spectacular cruise and I’ve had a wonderful time. I love the relaxed vibe here. And when there’s dancing, you can be sure I’m in the middle of it all.”

If you want to join our next Seminar at Sea, talk to us now and reserve a spot.

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