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Shortlisted At The Prestigious Great British Entrepreneur Awards

With 4,800 entries it gives us great pleasure to announce that Co-Founders Steve Witt and Paul Harrison have just been shortlisted for the South West Entrepreneurial Spirit Award at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit Award celebrates entrepreneurs who lead the way for their business – individuals who are all about getting things done and are leading from the front.

The South West awards ceremony will take place this September and the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award will be given to the entrepreneur that best demonstrates:

  • An ability to take action, a hunger for opportunity, a growth mindset
  • A willingness to be challenged
  • A willingness to find solutions to problems
  • A strong work ethic, leadership in tough situations
  • An example of what a good entrepreneur looks like

“This year hasn’t been easy for anyone and we have worked hard to ensure we always lead by example, from the front, pushing innovation and driving the business forward.

At a time when the travel industry has been struggling, our sales have remained strong, and we have continued to invest in the company and our teams.

We are already in the process of doubling the size of our HQ team this year in order to bring in four new business sections – which will drive sales and provide an even better experience for our clients.

We are delighted to be shortlisted and we dedicate this to our amazing travel consultants who provide an incredible service.”

Steve Witt & Paul Harrison, Co-Founders Not Just Travel and The Travel Franchise
A Facebook repost from Steve Witt
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