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Six months after starting, Alison’s living her dream life – and her business is paying the bills 

Alison, a mum of three girls, had joked that she’d like to be a travel agent but didn’t think it would be possible. But when her youngest child started school she began researching if she could make her dream come true.

Just six months after joining us, she can’t believe how busy she is and how her new career has “slotted into life”.

“I’ve always loved travel and hearing about people’s holidays but because I’m not big on computers or the ‘office type’ I just thought I’m not going to have the skill set to do this.”

That was until she discovered our website…

“I thought I’d have to go away and train and I can’t do that because I’ve got the kids and my husband works away a lot. That was until I stumbled on the Not Just Travel and The Travel Franchise page.”

When Alison realised she could complete our intensive five-day training virtually from the comfort of her home, it didn’t take her long to take a leap of faith. 

“I discussed it with my husband and we thought I should just go for it because it’s something that I would actually enjoy and be able to do from home.”

But while Alison’s business has got off to a flying start (she’s already sold £171k-worth of holidays) she admits to feeling a little lost in the beginning.

“When we did the training, I was really overwhelmed. I was thinking, I’m not going to be able to do this. My head cannot take any more information… This is just going to take forever. I’ve put all this money into it. How am I ever going to do this?”

Alison had read the real-life stories on our franchise blog about people joining and building successful businesses within a year. And about agents who had succeeded in achieving our Money-Back Challenge where we refund your franchise fee if you sell a set amount of holidays in a year. 

While many people sell holidays the week after training (often on the day they finish!), it took Alison a couple of weeks to make her first booking.

“I was thinking: how are these people doing this? How are they getting this Money-Back Challenge done? I mean, it just seems so off the scale to me.”

As 98 per cent of our franchisees are new to travel and two thirds have never run a business before, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed. However, Alison followed our proven plan, used our support network and with hard work things snowballed.

“Then all of a sudden, I am one of those people on the franchise page. I just cannot believe it. I really did not expect it to be so successful so quickly, but I’m glad it did.”

Alison lives in Shetland Island, off the north-east coast of Scotland, and had thought that she would have to reach out to the mainland to find enough customers. But actually, while most of Alison’s clients come via Facebook, most of them are local.

“There’s definitely been a gap in the market here and I feel like I’ve just hit it. I literally cannot believe my luck. The second I got my Facebook page up and running, people were messaging me the whole time. And it’s just constant for me.”

If Alison gets stuck she knows she can contact her personal Business Development Manager.

“He’s so good and so responsive. I could just message him and he would just basically respond within minutes. And you can phone support as well – everybody’s really helpful. 

“I was booking a cruise the other day and had to get help with that. But you just phone support and they’ll just talk you through it. I do feel very fortunate and very lucky that there is that support there and people need to really use it. That’s what it’s there for.”

While Alison is busy, the important thing for her is that the job offers flexible hours so that she can look after her kids and she’s beginning to settle into a routine.

“I could literally stand at my laptop from nine o’clock in the morning till nine o’clock at night. That’s how busy I’ve been but I try to just work while they are at school and during the holidays I   dip in and out because my laptop actually just sits in the playroom.”   

Alison also loves the fact there’s no lengthy commute.

“It’s handy being at home. I don’t have to drive anywhere. I can nip to the town if I want, meet my pals and take my laptop with me and work from a cafe. If the kids are at athletics or swimming practice, I’ll take the laptop and just pop to the library for an hour.”

Alison, like all franchisees, can join optional ongoing training sessions, dipping into weekly webinars to increase her travel knowledge.

“I’ll try and watch NJT’s weekly webinars. It’s great to listen to people passionate about the products that they’re selling. And then they usually have a couple of deals that you can then go and put on your social media. So they generate lots of interest.”

Alison invested in our most popular Elite package and now business is so good she’s on her way to making the Money-Back Challenge (MBC). Especially after a recent £25k cruise booking!

“Honestly, I just thought the Money-Back Challange was so out of my league but that changed when my BDM said I’d do it if I sold eight holidays a month. As I’d just done five in 10 days it actually got my mind ticking and I think I might be able to do it.”

Alison hopes she’ll succeed by March – in just 10 months not 12. We find dozens of people actually do beat the Challenge and some in as little as six months if they join before the January to March ‘Peak’ season, the busiest time in travel when agents typically sell the most holidays.

So what will she spend the £14,995 refund on if she succeeds?

“We’ll definitely have a bigger holiday than what we might have been planning. We’re all desperate to go back to Thailand.”

In the meantime she’s simply proud that she’s able to pay for the kids’ activities, weekly groceries and other bills.

Alison warns people that although you can make a success of your business in just six months, you only get paid commission when clients travel.

“Just understand it is a bit of a slow burner and it will take a bit of time to get into and get paid But I’ve already received commission and got a good client base and I’ve actually already had repeat customers coming back to book second holidays, even though they’ve not even been on their first holiday.” 

Alison and her husband, like all our franchisees, often doubt that it will work when they join. But she says they decided ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’. Now she’s living her dream life. 

“I cannot believe I’ve got this business, it’s working financially, it’s flexible and I enjoy it as well!”

You can read Alison’s diary when she started here and here. Back then she didn’t know she’d succeed, but we had a hunch. You see if you follow our plan and work hard, it’s pretty easy…  

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